Make More Money In Less Time: 3 Mystery Shops That Pay More

Any mystery shopper who has completed more than a couple of assignments has probably thought the pay on one of their assignments was not worth the time and effort. Watching the clock (even down to the second in some cases) or checking every display in the store can be tedious to say the least. Mystery shops that require you to drive back to return an item are essentially like completing two assignments in one, except you generally are not paid for two assignments. And then there are restaurant shops where you have to order a full sit down meal and commit an hour of your time to eating and ordering specific menu items you may not care to eat.

The good news is that there are a handful of mystery shop assignments that generally pay well, where you are pretty sure to get paid decently for your time and effort.

Take A Joy Ride. If you can muster a few minutes speaking to a car salesman, you can make a decent buck test driving a new car. Most people generally enjoy test driving cars, and the entire on-site part of your assignment can typically be completed in about twenty to thirty minutes. The paperwork is relatively standard in length. The best part of a car dealership assignment is that the pay is generally higher than average and you often can get bonus pay as schedulers sometimes have trouble filling these jobs.

Catch A Flick. Movie theater checks are typically easier to complete than a standard mystery shop assignment. In most cases, you only need to catch the previews and report back on the audience’s reaction to the previews. With theater checks, you won’t have to report on employee interaction, condition of food or facilities, or quality of service. The pay is generally typical, but since the effort is usually minimal, these assignments are well worth your time. Just a word of warning – be sure to read the assignment requirements before you accept the job, as some assignments will have you check multiple theaters.

Home Is Where the Heart (And Money) Is. Many mystery shoppers are weary of attempting an assignment for an apartment complex or model home, as these assignments may seem like quite an undertaking from the outset. However, for shoppers who enjoy touring properties, this is an excellent way to make some great money. These assignments may require a little bit of extra prep work on your end, as you may need to research the typical customer and income range for the house or apartment you will be touring and may need to set up an appointment with a specific salesperson. However, your time at the apartment complex or model home may take as little as twenty minutes, and your compensation is typically two or three times, or more, what you would typically see on an average shop assignment.

You can make great money as a mystery shopper when you spend your time wisely. Choose the assignments that pay the most for your time and effort, and you will see your income rise.