Make Extra Money With An Airport Parking Lot Assignment

Whether you are a regular traveler hopping on planes every week or two, or you fly sporadically, you can make extra money by taking on a mystery shopping assignment at an airport parking lot. Unlike many other types of mystery shopping assignments, an airport parking lot assignment is fairly easy and straightforward. Here’s what you can expect:

No Talking! (Or very little talking anyway.) With most airport parking lot mystery shopping assignments, you simply have to pull your date and time stamped ticket to enter the garage without interacting with anyone. The only interaction required will be at the end of the assignment as you are leaving the parking lot.

In many cases, you will simply pay your parking fee and leave, taking not of the friendliness of the parking attendant as well as his or her efficiency at the job. For other assignments, you may be required to play out a certain scenario, such as a lost ticket, and report back on how the parking attendant handled the issue. There is some variation on the assignment requirements, so check each set of requirements carefully.

A Twenty Minute Tour. Each parking lot assignment is slightly different, but on average, the assignment will require you to cruise around the parking lot for fifteen to twenty minutes. During your tour of the parking lot, you are required to take note of the overall cleanliness and condition of the parking lot. If the parking lot is large and in poor condition, you can find yourself stopping every few minutes to jot down notes as you go. If the parking lot is well-maintained and clean, or otherwise fairly small, you may have some time to kill in your car while you wait for the time to pass.

When You Aren’t Traveling. An airport parking lot assignment is a great way to earn some extra cash while you’re traveling. You can pick up one of these assignments in your home town or at your destination if you will have access to a vehicle. Even when you aren’t traveling, you can take advantage of the relative ease of this type of assignment. Pick up an assignment when you are heading to the airport to drop off or pick up a friend or family member who is traveling. Or, if you live or work close to the airport, this type of assignment is a great way to simply enjoy an easy mystery shopping gig. Many airports have restaurants, bars, and shops inside, so spend some time eating or shopping while you wait for the twenty minute minimum to pass, knowing your parking fee will be reimbursed later with your mystery shopping pay.

Easy Does It. With very little interaction with the employees, a lack of sales techniques to comment on, no merchandise to try on, and no displays, restrooms, or fitting rooms to check, you can understand why the report will be fairly straightforward and easy to complete. In most cases,  you are essentially commenting on the condition of  the parking lot and the brief interaction with the parking lot attendant.

The Downside. With so many upsides to doing a parking lot mystery shopping assignment, there is only one major factor to consider before you request this type of assignment. Most airports are located on the far outskirts of town, so they can be quite a drive for most people.

If you’re looking for a different type of assignment to try or you want to pick up an easy assignment while you’re traveling, try a parking lot mystery shopping assignment.