Kick Summer Off Right With These Great Mystery Shopping Assignments

The days are longer, sunnier and warmer. People are making summer travel plans, flowers are blooming, and people are enjoying spend time outdoors with friends and family. These are all sure signs that summer is once again upon us. As a mystery shopper, you no doubt are loving every minute of your job during this time of year. You no longer have to contend with frosty, icy weather while out and about working on assignments. Now, you can travel to and from your site visits taking in the beautiful scenery and brilliant sunshine However, many assignments take you indoors, which is where you may not want to be right now. If you are looking for some great summer assignments that allow you to enjoy the bright sunshine while you work, consider some of these ideas.

Patio Dining Assignments

If you love to work on restaurant assignments, the warmer summer months are the ideal time for you to enjoy patio dining. You can consider picking up a coffee shop assignment in the morning that offers patio seating for patrons. Sign up to complete a restaurant assignment for lunch or dinner at a restaurant that you know offers patio seating. You may also think about more unique dining options such as smoothie shops, dessert shops and more. Many different restaurants and eateries offer both indoor and outdoor seating, and you simply need to sign up to work on one of these assignments to enjoy working outdoors in the sign while eating great food and earning money, too!

Home and Lawn Retail Shops

There are a wide range of stores that feature an outdoor shopping area. Discount or general merchandise stores that have a lawn and garden section usually have a fairly large outdoor section. Specialty plant nursery venues may be entirely situated outdoors. Some specialty patio furniture stores or pool supply stores may be located either entirely or partially outdoors as well. Take time to browse the job boards thoroughly, taking note of the locations that may have an outdoor element required in the assignment instructions.

Car Dealership Assignments

You can usually find a number of car dealership assignments in most cities across the country throughout the year, but the summertime is a great time to work on these assignments. You can spend time browsing new or used cars, learning more about their features, and even taking them for a test drive on beautiful days. This is a great way to enjoy the warm sunshine, the brilliant fresh air and even some scenery while you cruise down the streets on your test drive.

There certainly are plenty of mystery shopping assignments that can take you indoors to work and earn a paycheck. However, as a mystery shopper, you do have the freedom to pick and choose the assignments you want to work on. Why not spend some time enjoying the beautiful weather while you are working? You can use some of these great ideas as inspiration when browsing the job boards this summer.