Keep Your Car In Tip-Top Shape With Mystery Shopping

Mystery shoppers everywhere can use mystery shopping to keep their cars looking and running great. When you sign up to do some of the many auto-related mystery shopping assignments, you can earn money and get reimbursed for some or all of the repairs, services, and maintenance tasks you need to keep your car in tip-top shape!

Save Big Bucks On Oil Changes. In many parts of the country, oil change assignments are abundant. These assignments typically reimburse you for a large part of the cost for an oil change, as well as provide you with payment for your time and efforts. With this regular maintenance on  your vehicle running you approximately $30 or so dollars every three months, using mystery shopping to cover this regular maintenance on your family’s car or cars can mean big savings for your family over the course of a year. Every time you see the date for your regular oil change service approaching, simply keep your eyes open for an oil change assignment on the job boards and snatch it up!

Get Some Free Gas. As gas prices creep back up again, mystery shoppers are once again looking for ways to save money on gas. Gas station assignments are plentiful in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, the pay on many of these assignments is fairly low. However, when you look at the total payment of purchase reimbursement plus shop pay, these assignments can end up paying for maybe a third to a half of a tank of gas. If you plan to pick up a gas station assignment every week or two, you can enjoy regular savings on your gas purchases.

Keep Your Car Looking Good. Whether you live in a wet climate, an arid climate, or somewhere in between, your car likely needs to good scrub-down every week or two. Use a mystery shopping car wash assignment or even a gas station assignment at a station with a drive thru car wash to keep your car in tip-top shape. Simply make plans to complete your assignment at a car wash every few weeks, and your car will always have that shiny, new look. No need to worry about the weather, as many car wash venues will allow you to return for a free follow-up car wash if it rains within a certain timeframe from your car wash.

If you prefer a hands-on car wash experience, you can pick up all of the supplies you need on a mystery shopping assignment at a general merchandise or even a grocery store assignment. Then simply head outside and give your car the TLC it needs with all your new gear and supplies.

Mystery shopping may not make you rich, but you can use your mystery shopping assignments to strategically cover the costs of regular maintenance and services to your car. So keep your eyes open for the next auto-related or even general merchandise assignments on the job boards, and jump right on them to keep your car looking and running great!