Keep the Winter Chill Away With These HOT Mystery Shopping Assignments

On cold winter days, it can be difficult to drag yourself out of your warm, cozy house and head out into the biting chill of winter to do a mystery shopping assignment or two. You can warm up your long winter months of mystery shopping by selecting a few hot assignments this year.

A Cup of Joe. There are dozens of mystery shopping assignments on many providers’ job boards that will reimburse you for a hot cup of coffee. There are coffee shops on almost every street corner in major metro areas. On top of that, there are full service restaurants, snack shops, and even grocery stores, gas stations, and department stores that sell coffee. If coffee isn’t your thing, most of there venues will sell hot tea, hot cocoa, and other warm beverages during the winter months. For some assignments, the major event of your site visit may be to simply order a hot beverage, while for other assignments you have a whole slew of activities you need to complete on-site while you sip on  your hot beverage. Either way, knowing that hot drink is waiting for you at your site visit will make it easier for you to get out and about.

A Hot Winter Night (or Day). The coldest days of winter may not inspire romance in the hearts and minds of most people. However, you can use your mystery shopping assignments to take your mind off the cold by creating a hot date with your loved one. Schedule a few assignments one afternoon or evening for a movie theater check followed by an assignment at a casual or nice restaurant. Grab your loved one, and enjoy the special memories you will share as the two of you very secretly critique the service of these venues, rate the food, and so forth. What’s best, many of your expenses for this fun winter night out on the town will be reimbursed through your assignment compensation.

Buy Something Warm. You may be cold heading into your site visit, but when you make plans to do a site visit where you can purchase a warm item or two, you will feel nice and toasty on your way back home. There are dozens of assignments you can choose from that will reimburse your for expenses on a new pair of gloves, warm socks, an electric blanket, a winter hat, fuzzy slippers or socks, or any number of other warm items that will come in handy during winter months. To get your expenses reimbursed for these warm purchases, look for assignments at department stores, general merchandise stores, and clothing boutiques. Many grocery stores, gas stations, and even home improvement stores sell some of these items as specialty or seasonal merchandise as well. If you are all decked for the winter with plenty of warm clothing and related items, it will warm your heart this winter to buy something special for your family or friends with your required purchase at these stores.

This winter, stay warm on your mystery shopping assignments by selecting a few of these “hot”  assignments!