How You Can Have More Fun Making Money with Mystery Shopping

When you first started mystery shopping, each assignment may have felt fun and exciting. There may have been an air of mystery and intrigue with each assignment you completed. After you have completed a few assignments, however, you may have noticed that the flair and fun of each assignment become less significant. Eventually, mystery shopping may actually have started feeling more like a job and less like a thrilling secret that you were keeping from the rest of the world. Of course, mystery shopping is indeed a job, and it does serve the important purpose of providing you with extra cash that you need to pay bills, add to your savings account balance and more. With this in mind, it makes sense to consider different ways that you can spice up your mystery shopping life.

Bring a Date

There’s nothing more dull and boring than working alone, so why not bring a date the next time you head out to complete a mystery shopping assignment? You can bring your best friend along with you on a mystery shopping assignment to the mall, or you can bring your spouse or significant other with you to an assignment at the movie theater or a restaurant. You both will enjoy spending time together and sharing this fun new experience, and you can earn some extra money in the process.

Have A Drink

You can’t drink alcoholic beverages at most jobs, but mystery shopping is one of those rare few jobs where you can drink in certain instances. For example, you can pick up an assignment at a restaurant, a nightclub, a bar or even a hotel. When you place your order, why not order a glass of wine, an ice cold beer or the fruity beverage of your choice? You will find that mystery shopping is far more relaxing and enjoyable while you nurse your favorite cocktail.

Buy Something Special

Many mystery shoppers make an effort to choose practical mystery shopping assignments, and they use their practical assignments to make practical purchases. For example, they may pick up a grocery store assignment and use the expense reimbursement to buy a few groceries to stock the fridge. This is a great way to maximize the use of your expense reimbursement, but it also can be dull and uneventful. Why not add a little spice to your work routine and pick up something special for yourself? You may even consider warming the heart of someone near and dear to you by picking them up a little “just because” present with your expense reimbursement.

The fact is that you should treat mystery shopping like the job that it truly is most days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t let loose every once in a while. If mystery shopping has you feeling down in the dumps, why not add a little zest and flair to your typical work day by putting some of these fun ideas to use? You may just find that mystery shopping is a bit more enjoyable!