How to Put Summertime Flair Into Your Mystery Shopping Assignments

Summertime is definitely not a time to be stuck inside behind a desk at a mundane, boring desk job. Luckily, if you are a mystery shopper, you can really get out and enjoy the brilliant sunshine and warm, fresh air of the summer season while you work on your assignments and earn a paycheck. Summertime is the perfect time to shake off the doldrums of cold winter months, and when you pick the right mystery shopping assignments, you can enjoy the summer months that much more! Here are some great ways you can add some flair to your mystery shopping assignments this summer:

Restaurant and Snack Shop Assignments. Dining out and getting reimbursed for meals, snacks, and sweet treats is a fun part of mystery shopping any time of year, and during the summer months, it can be even better. There are some fabulous restaurants that offer patio seating, and this gives you a wonderful way to earn a paycheck while soaking up some rays, too. You can also treat your family to sweet treats with ice cream shop assignments, fast food assignments that serve desserts, and more, too. If you are shopping with kids, you will also want to be sure to pick up assignments that have an outdoor play area.

Movie Theaters. The summer months are widely known for summer blockbuster movies, and this means that you can get some really great movie theater assignments this time of year. Most assignments are trailer checks, but most theaters will allow you to stay and watch the movie after you watch the trailers. This is a great way to catch summer blockbusters on a dime!

Retail Assignments. Now, you certainly don’t want to spend your entire summer doing assignments indoors at shopping malls and retail strip centers, but when you pick up a few of these assignments and buy some fun summer items, your time away from the job can be even more fun. Consider picking up items like backyard barbecue grilling accessories, foods to grill or take outdoors on a picnic, water toys and floaties for the beach or pool, and more. Summer months are a time to let loose and have fun, and you will have even more fun when you have the right gear on hand. Your mystery shopping assignments make it easy to save money outfitting your life for summer fun.

There truly are a ton of different mystery shopping assignments that you can pick and choose to enjoy this summer. Now, some assignments just aren’t quite a fun to do on warm summer days as others. For instance, who wants to do a car dealership assignment and stand around in a hot parking lot on a scorcher of a day? Other assignments, though, such as those described here, can really add some fun and excitement to your summer months, and this includes both on the job and off! Take time to look for a few of these assignments the next time you visit the job boards so you can make working as a mystery shopper more fun for you this summer.