How To Organize Your Life to Boost Your Mystery Shopping Income

If you are feeling frazzled and stressed out from your job as a mystery shopper, your nerves may not be the only thing being affected. Your emotions from working on your assignments regularly may simply be a symptom that something else is going on, and by uncovering what is causing your stress and anxiety, you may discover that your paycheck may be affected too!

Is Organization to Blame?

There are some people who thrive on stress and chaos. It pushes them to work harder, and they actually may be more productive mystery shoppers as a result. However, for most people, stress and anxiety only serve to make them feel pulled in different directions. They may have trouble focusing on the task at hand, recalling details about their assignments and more. Asking yourself if organization is to blame is an important step. There are different areas of your life where you can be disorganized. So, if you are taking a closer look at your neat, completely organized and saying, “This isn’t relevant to me,” you may want to think again. Even those with a completely organized work area, a neat car and an immaculate home may have chaos on their schedule. If you are running around from point A to point B with a million stops to make in between, your life may not be as organized as it could be. Ask yourself which area of your life may be causing you stress as a first step.

How to Complete a Re-Org

Re-org is the equivalent of a four-letter word in the business world, but in your world, it can lead to a number of benefits. If your disorganization is due to physical chaos, such as a messy work area, this is easy enough to clean up. However, things that are neat and tidy today after your clean-up efforts will have a tendency to get messy again. Therefore, make plans to spend time organizing and cleaning for a few minutes every day. If your schedule is to blame, this can take more effort. First, you have to understand that you may actually be over-committed, and something in your life may have to give if you want to ease your schedule. You may need to arrange a carpool for the kids, spread some of your mystery shopping assignments that you do during the week over into the weekends or make other adjustments. Each schedule is unique, so you will need to figure out what areas you can realistically change to see improvement.

Improving Your Bottom Line

So how can organization improve your bottom line as a mystery shopper? A disorganized life can lead to stress, lack of focus and even general lack of enthusiasm. When you make an effort to make a change, you may find that these feelings are alleviated. You will approach mystery shopping with more enthusiasm, and you will be able to sail through your assignments with greater speed and less effort. Even recalling details while writing your reports may be easier to do. This ultimately can improve your bottom line by freeing up time in your day, increasing your shopper rating and more.

Disorganization may be a source of your unhappiness and your lower paychecks. Take time to consider these points, and make adjustments for incredible results.