How To Make Your Scheduler Like You (…And Why It Matters)

In the mystery shopping world, a scheduler holds a lot of power. A scheduler has the ability to dole out cushy, high-paying assignments, to raise or lower your shopper rating, and to eliminate your ability to work for that particular company in the future, to name just a few things. With this one person having so much control over your ability to work and earn a paycheck, it’s not a secret that you want your scheduler to like you.

No doubt, you work with many different mystery shopping companies, and you likely work with several different schedulers at each company. So making each and every one of your schedulers like you is not an easy task.

A Helping Hand. There are certain times when a scheduler needs some extra help. We’ve all seen those assignments pop up on the job boards and sit there for days and even weeks. With  no takers on assignments such as these, schedulers can find themselves in a jam. You can stand out from the crowd of mystery shoppers this scheduler works with by taking on that assignment. If necessary, don’t hesitate to ask for a reasonable amount of bonus pay to make the assignment worth your while. After all, you aren’t in the charity business. However, when you step up and take on an assignment that nobody else will touch, you are sure to stand out in that scheduler’s mind. Later, when the scheduler has a cushy assignment, you may have a better shot at getting it.

Don’t Be A Slacker. Your scheduler is counting on you to complete your assignments accurately and on-time. Remember, your scheduler also has someone to report to, and when you don’t complete your job well and on time, it makes the scheduler look bad. While you may not stand out right away as a shining star simply by doing your job well, over time the scheduler will come to understand that you are a mystery shopper he or she can depend on to get the job done and to do quality work. Once you have built this kind of reputation with your scheduler, you can rest assured that you will start seeing more and better assignments roll your way.

Avoid Being The Squeaky Wheel. There are certainly times when you will need to approach your scheduler about a problem on an assignment. As you complete more and more assignments, a few issues are bound to arise here and there. However, if you find yourself calling or emailing your scheduler so often that you know the scheduler’s children’s names and what his or her weekend plans are, you may be taking up too much of the scheduler’s time and be on your way to becoming an annoyance.

Sure, it may take longer to stand out from the crowd when you follow the rules and don’t draw attention to yourself, but over time, the slow and steady path is the best way for getting your scheduler to know and like you!