How To Make More Money At Mystery Shopping This Spring

Mystery shoppers everywhere are searching for ways to make more money this spring. With the global economy in an upheaval, even those mystery shoppers who just dabbled in the business in the past are looking at mystery shopping as a way to supplement income and boost savings. You can make some additional cash as a mystery shopper with just a few easy steps:

It’s Not About Numbers. Some mystery shoppers sign up with as many providers as they can in an effort to get their hands on as many jobs as possible. While you may in fact be able to get extra jobs by signing up to work with more providers, keep in mind that it’s not simply about seeing more job postings. If you want to get your hands on more work, it’s more important to see the job postings first. If you are signed up to work with too many providers, you can actually be missing out on jobs by not looking at the right job boards at the right time.

It may actually be more worth your time and effort to clean house with your providers. Pick out your top three or five providers that you do most of your work with, and then put the other providers you’re signed up to work with to the side for now.

Add A Few Good Providers. If you find that your top providers are not giving you as much work as you want or need, you may want to hand pick a few new providers to work for. Try to find providers that specialize in assignments you like to work on and in your vicinity. You don’t want to get bombarded by assignment listings for jobs  you can’t or don’t want to do.

Be Choosy. As a mystery shopper, you are your own boss. You can pick which assignments you want to do, and pass over those you don’t want. So spend your time working on jobs that you enjoy. You also should pick jobs that suit your needs. If your main goal as a mystery shopper is to make extra cash, you may not be as picky about the types of assignments you choose. Although you should still be discerning about assignment to ensure the amount of work required for the assignment is being properly compensated in job pay, bonus pay, expense reimbursement, and so for.

If your main goal as a mystery shopper is to supplement your savings, you may need to be on the lookout for assignments that cover your basic necessities, such as grocery store assignments, gas station assignments, and retail store assignments. These types of assignments have the hidden bonus of compensating you for expenses you already need to make, so they are likely worth more to you than simply the shop pay.

Hold Out. If you are on the fence about requesting an assignment, or if there are assignments that are paying below an acceptable level to you, you may want to put those on your own private watch list for now. If other mystery shoppers don’t request those assignments, you may have the opportunity to get paid more for doing these mediocre assignments simply by holding out for more money.

Mystery shopping is a great way to supplement  your income and boost your savings. You can drastically improve your income potential as a mystery shopper when  you consider these minor adjustments.