How To Keep The Excitement In Your Mystery Shopping Gig

People choose to be mystery shoppers for a variety of reasons, and high among those reasons is the excitement of working at a new job site and having the thrill of working undercover. Yet after awhile, you may find yourself working the same batch of assignments, rotating the same assignments out every couple of months. You may get bored at a job without co-workers. And answering the same type of questions over and over again becomes monotonous, even if your answers vary.

Spice Up Your Routine. If you find yourself face to face with the doldrums of mystery shopping, take a few minutes to peruse the job boards. ThereĀ  may be a variety of assignments that you have been passing over for months while you choose the same assignments over and over again. Instead of passing over those other assignments, give them a second look. Pick a few new assignments to do, perhaps with a type of assignment you haven’t tried before such as an audit or a revealed assignment.

Bring A Buddy. Even if you are not a natural “people person,” it can become dull and boring to shop alone all of the time. With many other jobs, you have co-workers who you can chit chat with throughout the day. While there are a few assignments that require you to work alone, the vast majority of mystery shoppers don’t specify whether you have to complete the assignment solo, and some assignments even ask that you bring someone else along with you.

A spouse or even a good friend may enjoy spending time with you and helping you work. If you take them with you to a restaurant assignment, they may enjoy the ability to get a cheap or free meal through your efforts. You can also bring along a friend who has shown interest in mystery shopping to show them the ropes. Many people who have never mystery shopped before have a fascination with it, so chances are you can find a couple of people who will want to tag along!

Take A Vacation. Take a weekend break and pick up some assignments in another city. Find a mystery shopping assignment at a hotel in a nearby town, as well as other assignments in the new town, and spice up your mystery shopping gig with some travel. It can be invigorating and pump new life into your regular work routine to take a break from the home office and the sights and sounds of your hometown by working a new location for a few days. Plus, if you bring your spouse and family along with you, it’s a great way to work in some great family time at very little cost to you, giving you a fresh reminder of all of the many reasons mystery shopping is a great gig!

When you get a case of mystery shopping doldrums, simply step out of your ordinary routine and try a new assignment, work in a new city, or even bring a friend along to knock those doldrums away!