How to Find the Best Mystery Shopping Providers

When you first started mystery shopping, you may have signed up to work with the first provider that you could find. You may have been so thrilled to stumble upon a mystery shopping provider and to walk through the easy application process that most have that you jumped head-first into working with the provider. However, not every provider will provide you with the amazing work experience that you may have been looking for. You may have lucked out and found a great provider right from the start. If you are like so many other mystery shoppers, however, you did not. Now, you may be looking for a better provider to work with.

Don’t Jump The Gun

The fact is that not every mystery shopping provider is the same, and you may have found that out the hard way. After spending time working with a provider that gave you a less than desirable work experience, the last thing you want to do is to repeat that scenario all over again. Rather than jump the gun and randomly choose another provider to work with, consider taking some time to thoroughly research different providers to work with.

Using Online Forums

If you are like other mystery shoppers, you know very few other mystery shopping providers. In fact, you may not know any at all. If you do know a few others personally, you can also call them up and ask them for feedback directly. However, without those personal connections to other mystery shopping providers, you will have to use online forums to research providers. Other mystery shoppers have already posted many things about different providers, and you only have to read through the posts left online about the providers to gather the information that you need. Take time to make notes as you read through the forums. Note which providers generally have positive comments posted about them and which generally have negative comments posted about them. Keep in mind that not every mystery shopper will be happy with every provider. Because of this, avoid making a judgment about a provider based on one random comment. However, if you see a trend in the comments, you can likely assume that you may enjoy the same results when you work with that provider.

Sign Up

After you have done your research, why not sign right up to work with your new provider? Most providers have a fast and easy application process, so this process may only take a few minutes. Soon, you can be experiencing first-hand how great your work life may be with the new provider. Keep in mind that you can sign up to work with multiple providers, so don’t feel limited to only selecting one. If your research indicated that many people are enjoying working with several providers, why not try them all out and see which one you like best?

Your work life can be miserable when you work with the wrong providers. Thankfully, there are dozens of providers that you can work with. Follow these tips to find the best providers, and try them out today!