How Social Networking Sites Can Help Mystery Shoppers

Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and others have grown to be more than trendy buzzwords. Today these and other social networking websites are largely integrated into people’s lives. They may be used largely to socialize and keep in touch with friends and family, but many people also use such sites for professional purposes as well. Many people will network with social organizations and maintain professional relationships with co-workers, colleagues, bosses, and employees old and new through these sites. They provide professionals from all industries with an excellent platform to keep up to date with trends, challenges, and other key developments in their industries as well.

As a mystery shopper, you too can keep up to date with industry changes and developments and keep in touch with other mystery shoppers just like you by taking full advantage of the benefits of social networking sites. Consider using social networking sites in the following ways:

Mystery Shopping Providers. You can network with your various mystery shopping providers on these sites. Many providers today make regular posts and announcement on these sites. Some providers have used social media to make company announcements, advertise assignment listings, and so much more. Social media sites give you a platform to get your name in front of your providers and schedulers more regularly in a purely social setting by posting comments and feedback on their pages. You should take some time today to research your various providers to see if they have accounts on various social networking sites that you already use.

Other Mystery Shoppers. It can be a little harder to locate your fellow mystery shoppers on such social networking websites, but it’s not impossible. You can find some some mystery shoppers through online forums and develop friendships with them on these platforms that can later grow to extend the use of social networking sites to keep in touch as well. You may also find some mystery shoppers on your provider pages and you can attempt to keep in touch with them through these various platforms. Keep in mind that everyone has a unique threshold or set of criteria for who they will communicate with on these sites. Some people are wary of accepting Facebook friend requests from people they meet through online forums and so forth while others are completely open to it. Just know that it doesn’t hurt to make a request or post a comment, but don’t take it personally if that particular person isn’t open to a social networking relationship.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and so many others may have been developed for twenty-somethings years ago, but today they have become a way of life for everyone from pre-teens to retirees. They offer you a way to keep in touch with your mystery shopping colleagues and providers, and even to develop new relationships and stay abreast of industry changes, too. Take some time to explore the possibilities that social networking sites can provide to you as a mystery shopper today!