How Mystery Shoppers Can Plan for a Profitable Summer

There are many reasons why mystery shoppers eagerly look forward to the summer months. Mystery shopping is a job that takes you out of the house on a regular basis, and traveling on beautiful summer days is often preferred to the snowy, icy and otherwise miserable conditions that winters are known for. Mystery shoppers also have access to outdoor assignments in the summer months, such as working on a restaurant assignment in a venue with outdoor patio seating. Some mystery shoppers like working with their older kids who are out of school for the summer. After all, working on assignments can be more fun when you aren’t alone. If you are gearing up for summer mystery shopping assignments, here are a few steps that you can take now to ensure that you are fully ready for what the season has in store for you.

Review Your Providers

You should get into the habit of taking a closer look at your providers on a seasonal basis, so now is a great time to do that. Consider if your providers offer the types of assignments that you are most interested in working on and if the compensation seems reasonable. Also, consider if your providers are nice to work with. There are few things that can ruin a great summer filled with profitable mystery shopping assignments faster than working with the wrong providers. You can switch providers or start working a few additional providers now before the summer really ramps up.

Develop a Work Schedule

Whether you are a working parent, a college student or a stay at home parent, chances are that your schedule gets thrown off kilter during the summer months. You can develop a plan of action for your work schedule now. Consider how much money you would like to earn, how far you may be willing to travel for your assignments and how many hours a day you would like to work. This can prepare you more fully to jump head first into your assignments once summer is in full gear and you are actually living with that crazy summer schedule that you have planned.

Buy Supplies

You may have plans to be very busy mystery shopping this summer, so stocking up on supplies now is a great idea. Consider what items you may need for your home office, your car and site visits. By planning now to purchase more copy paper, sunscreen for those outdoor assignments and other items, you may be able to use your expense reimbursements on current assignments to buy the supplies you need.

Many mystery shoppers love to work on assignments more during the summer months than during any other time of the year. If you have been eagerly looking forward to the summer, now is the ideal time to start preparing for the fun times ahead. Consider putting some of these great tips into action now. Then, when summer is fully upon us, you will be ready to get started right away with your fun summer assignments.