How Mystery Shoppers Can Boost Profits in 3 Easy Steps

If there is one thing most mystery shoppers can agree on, it is the fact that they would all love to make more money on their assignments. While it is easy for just about anyone to get started working at mystery shopping, it can be difficult for some mystery shoppers to earn a decent income from their assignments. Keeping in mind that this is a “no experience required” job that you can get started in immediately, often without so much as an interview, you cannot realistically expect to get rich as a mystery shopper. However, there are a few key ways you can boost your profits.

1. Work Efficiently
Some mystery shoppers struggle to find assignments to work on, but many others struggle to find time in the day to do those assignments. Most mystery shoppers are part-time works, picking up assignments between the other responsibilities they have in life. By working more efficiently on assignments, you can find more time in your busy day to work on more assignments. Consider finding a way to reduce the time you spend on-site, such as by focusing only on completing the assignment requirements and not actually browsing the merchandise to find styles you like. You can also consider finding assignments in locations close to where you plan to be on a given day. For instance, if you plan to drop the kids off at school in the morning, you can look for an assignment to be completed in a strip center close to their school.

2. Demand More
If you are like many mystery shoppers, you have been passing over some assignments because they are too far away from home or because the assignment requirements appear to be too tedious for the work required. However, when you run low of assignment options, you may make the decision to complete the assignment. After all, isn’t working on something – even a low paying assignment – better than not working at all? The fact is that if you have been passing over a certain assignment for a particular reason, others may have, too. If an assignment has not been snatched up by others for a few weeks, consider reaching out to your provider and requesting more money to complete the assignment. Request a travel bonus to compensate for the distance you have to travel or a basic bonus to compensate for the amount of time the assignment will take you to complete.

3. Work More
If you want to make more money as a mystery shopper, it stands to reason that you may simply need to work on more assignments. If you are having trouble finding assignments to work on, consider applying to work for a couple of more providers. It is true that some providers only offer a limited number of opportunities for mystery shoppers in certain locations, but another provider may have a large number of assignments close to your home. The only way to view a provider’s job boards is to actually sign up to work for them. So you will have to put forth some initial effort. However, you can also consider posting a question about providers who offer assignments in your area on the mystery shopping forum online.

If you aren’t happy with your income, you can do something about it. By following these key steps, you can boost your income as a mystery shopper almost immediately.