How Much Is Your Time Worth As a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers may have one of the best jobs in the world. As a mystery shopper, you can set your own work hours, get paid to walk through stores and eat at restaurants, and you can even bring your kids or spouse to work with you if you want. As great as the job is, however, many mystery shoppers share the same complaint about the job. That complaint is the relatively low level of compensation paid out on most mystery shopping assignments. Every once in awhile, a mystery shopper will stumble upon a fabulous assignment that takes minimal time and effort, and it pays amazingly well. Most of the time, however, mystery shopping assignment compensation is fairly low.

Why Compensation Is So Low

While complaints are common about the low level of mystery shopping assignment compensation, it is important to consider why this is. There are a few skills a great mystery shopper needs to have. For example, top mystery shoppers are detail-oriented, conscientious about keeping their identity and mission a secret, and great at writing reports quickly. However, these skills are fairly common. Many people have the ability to work on mystery shopping assignments, and no special training or education is required to be a mystery shopper. This means that almost anyone who wants to be a mystery shopper can be a mystery shopper. Because of this, providers do not have to pay high rates to find people to complete the assignments.

How Low Will You Go?

While providers may not feel the need to pay mystery shoppers exceptionally high rates for their services, many mystery shoppers have a minimum rate they are willing to work for. Some mystery shoppers are just happy to find an easy, convenient way they can earn a little extra money, and they do not dwell too much on the equivalent hourly rate they may be getting paid for their services. For instance, many stay-at-home mothers and retirees alike love that they can easily pick up an assignment here or there without committing themselves to regular work hours. Others, however, do calculate the equivalent hourly rate their assignments pay them, and some assignment compensation is insultingly low. Many mystery shoppers will have a minimum threshold they will work for, and you should take time to consider what your minimum threshold is.

Earn What You’re Worth

Every mystery shopper has a certain reason for working as a mystery shopper. Some simply want to earn some extra spending money while others need to earn a certain amount of money to pay their bills each month. As a mystery shopper, you do want to earn what you feel your time is worth. If you are not happy with the compensation you receive on some assignments, keep in mind that you don’t have to work on them. You can always sign up with other providers to expand the options available to you.

The fact is that some mystery shoppers are entirely happy with their ability to earn any level of income in such an easy and fun way. Others, however, do have income goals they need or want to meet, and they want to earn a rate that is equivalent to what their time is worth if they were to spend their time working in another job. Consider these points carefully, and take time to sign up with other providers if you greater access to assignments that may pay higher rates.