How Long Does It Take to Get Your Mystery Shopping Paycheck?

One of the brightest spots of any mystery shopper’s day is when he or she gets paid for assignments. Mystery shopping may seem like a fun job, and it largely is. However, mystery shoppers do work hard for their money, and they love seeing the financial rewards for the time and effort spent working on assignments. Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints that mystery shoppers share about their job is the slow payment process that many providers have. So you are not alone if you are visiting online mystery shopping forums and asking, “How long does it take to get your mystery shopping paycheck?”

Snail Mail

The most traditional method of payment that most mystery shoppers enjoy with at least some of their providers is the snail mail method. This may be the most traditional method, but it also is the slowest method. The snail mail method requires the assignment report to be reviewed and approved before processing of the payment can begin. The payment processing method is often slower than other methods because it requires a paper check to be prepared and printed out. Then the check has to be mailed out. In addition to that, you then have to take the time to drive your check down to the bank to deposit it. This creates an even greater dealer in actually getting access to your funds.

Online Payment

Over the last few years, more and more providers have started offering online payment processing. This method is even required by some providers, and you may not get paid at all if you do not have an online account set up with a website like Paypal or another similar payment processing site. This process is faster because you do not have to wait for a check to be prepared and printed out. It does not have to mailed or taken to the bank. You simply wait for an email message to indicate that a payment has been sent to you. Then you log onto the payment processing website, transfer the funds to your own bank account, and wait a day or two for the funds transfer to go through. All in all, this process may speed up the payment process by several weeks.

Getting Paid Faster

The best way to get paid is certainly the fastest way. If you are most interested in getting paid quickly for your time and efforts on assignments, you should first make sure that you submit mystery shopping reports that are accurate and complete. Keep in mind that your payment will not be processed at all until the report has been accepted by your provider. Then, you can get paid more quickly by signing up for electronic or online payments. Some providers may require this, and you may have no other choice but to get paid through online payments. If you do have a choice, always opt for online payments. It truly is much faster and more convenient for you.

As a mystery shopper, you want to get your hands on your money quickly. More than that, you want to have your money deposited into your bank account where you can truly put it to use. Consider signing up for online payments if you have not already done so, and you can get paid more quickly.