How Gas Station Mystery Shopping Assignments Can Help Your Budget

When you scroll down the list of opportunities on mystery shopping job boards, you may do what so many other people do. You may look for the assignments that sound fun to do and skip over boring ones. Clearly, mystery shopping assignments at trendy restaurants, ice cream shops, your favorite clothing stores and movie theatres may rank much higher for you than an assignment at a gas station. After all, how much fun can you have at a gas station? However, while these assignments may not be the most fun, they can be incredibly helpful for your budget.

What They Offer

Of course, each mystery shopping assignment is different. Generally, however, a gas station mystery shopping assignment may provide you with a reimbursement for a purchase. Some assignments may require you to make a purchase inside, and others may require you to make a purchase at the pump. The reimbursement may be as little as $5 or more than $10. Either way, you often will get to choose what you purchase at the gas station. Some may load up on snacks from inside the store, but others may opt to pay for gas with their expense reimbursement.

Putting the Reimbursement to Work For You

If you are wondering how you can really put these reimbursements to work for you and improve your personal budget, you will see that there are two main options. First, you can use your expense reimbursement to fill up your tank. You likely have a gas expense in your personal budget. Because this is a reimbursed fill-up, you can enjoy a small boost to your personal finances each time you fill up your tank with a mystery shopping assignment. In addition, you could also purchase necessities in the store. For example, most gas stations carry basics like milk, eggs and other items. You don’t have to use your expense reimbursement to buy canned sodas and candy bars.

How to Make the Most Out of Gas Station Assignments

If you really want to make the most out of gas station assignments, you can plan to sign up for these assignments on a regular basis. After all, you may visit the gas station out of necessity once or twice a week if you are like many people, so why not make these visits count? You can sign up for gas station assignments through different providers at venues close to your home, along your route to work and in other areas where you frequently travel. If you need to complete assignments close together, simply fill your tank half full at each stop to ensure that you have room to top off your tank at the next site visit.

Gas station assignments can be truly beneficial to you as a mystery shopper. You may spend ample time traveling down the road from site visit to site visit, and this means that you may fill up your tank quite often. Be sure to sign up for all of the gas station assignments that are located close t your home or regular routes so that you can enjoy a great reimbursement on gas and basic grocery items.