Hot Tips to Boost Your Mystery Shopping Profits This Summer

If you have been trying desperately to boost your mystery shopping paychecks with no success, you are not alone. It may seem like the compensation of assignments never really increases, and there are only so many hours available in the day to complete assignments. So with this in mind, it may seem impossible to increase your paychecks without cutting into your sleep time or reducing the amount of time you spend with your family. However, there actually are a few steps you can take today to boost your income, and they may be easier to put to use than you might think.

Look for Bonuses

Bonus pay essentially gives you extra money for doing the same work. With this in mind, you want to consider looking for bonuses any chance you get, and you should consider the benefits of choosing bonus pay assignments over those that do not offer bonus pay. Of course, bonus pay assignments are not always the best deal. After all, some assignments simply take up more of your time to complete than others. There may be a reason why bonus pay is being offered, and that may be because the assignment requirements are detailed and the assignment may be too time consuming for others to consider working on. However, it is also possible that the assignment is just a boring one, is a little farther away than others or isn’t at an exciting location.

Shop With Efficiency In Mind

If you are already working every chance you can and your days are booked, it may be true that you simply cannot squeeze any more assignments into the day. However, you may be able to free up time to work on other assignments when you shop with efficiency in mind. For example, why not get all of your assignments completed for the day when you are out rather than spend time driving back and forth? Why drive to the west of town, then to the east and back west when you can simply spend a full day working in one location, then work on assignments in another part of town the following day? Consider shopping with efficiency in mind, and you may be able to free up a considerable amount of time in your day.

Analyze the Assignments

If you regularly find yourself thinking that a particular assignment was a waste of time or didn’t pay you more than minimum wage, you are not alone. Many mystery shopping assignments sound great on the surface, but they take up far more time than what they compensation provides for. You can, however, prevent this from happening by simply analyzing the assignments a bit more carefully. By taking just a few more minutes perusing the job boards before you accept or request an assignment, you can ensure that the compensation amount is commensurate with the assignment requirements.

Most mystery shoppers would jump at the chance to make more money with their assignments this summer. Consider putting some of these tips to use to boost your profits.