Hot Tips for Stress-Free Mystery Shopping Site Visits

Regardless of the industry that you work in, the ideal day at work is one that is enjoyable and stress-free. Mystery shopping is not a job that most outside the industry equate to being riddled with stress, but those who actively work as mystery shoppers often are afflicted with stress and anxiety about certain aspects of their job. If you have been feeling unhappy with your mystery shopping job, you can apply just a few hot tips to your everyday work life to ease your stress level and to start enjoying mystery shopping more fully.

Explore Scheduling Methods

Using the right scheduling method can help you to ease your stress level in a number of ways. Many mystery shoppers worry about completing their site visits and reports on time. They don’t want to show up to do a site visit a day too late, for example. They also, however, can feel stressed when completing site visits if they have many other assignments to complete that day. It can be difficult to focus on the details of the site visit when you are trying to rush through the site visit to get to your next scheduled location. By exploring different scheduling options, you can ensure that you don’t show up for a site visit at the wrong date or time and prevent the dilemma of overbooking yourself. You can use traditional methods like calendars and book-style planners, but there are now scheduling apps available that can be used with better results.

Improve Your Memory

While some adults have amazing memory skills, others struggle to remember what they ate for breakfast in the morning and other basic details. If you fall into the latter group, performing mystery shopping assignments can be a challenge. You have to not only remember your requirements for each assignment but you also have to remember the details of your site visits. There are several different ways that you can overcome the challenge of a bad memory. You can consider jotting down notes on-site in a secretive fashion. You can also read through the assignment requirements right before your site visit and write down notes immediately after you leave the location. Another option is to try to boost your memory power. There are  a number of memory exercises that you can try as well as natural herbal remedies for memory and brain function.

Speed Up Your Visits

Some mystery shoppers get flustered because they feel like they are spending too much time on their site visits. As a mystery shopper, to be most profitable, you want to complete your assignments as quickly as possible so that you can move on to your next site visit. However, you don’t want to sacrifice on the quality of your work. You can speed up your site visits when you stick to the requirements and don’t deviate with your side shopping experienced. For example, if a shoe store assignment requires you to try on a single pair of shoes, then don’t try on more than one pair. If the requirements tell you to talk to store staff, only communicate in the manner indicated. Avoid being overly friendly and open by getting into a lengthy chat.


While mystery shopping often isn’t considered to be a high stress job, it can be stressful for many people. These tips can help you to ease your stress level and enjoy your job more.