Hot Tips For Selecting Restaurant Assignments

Treat yourself to relaxing break from the normal mystery shopping assignments at retail stores with a restaurant assignment. With a restaurant assignment, you can earn money while you get your morning started off with a cup of coffee at the local coffee shop, have lunch out with friends, or treat your family to a delicious dinner. Not all restaurant assignments are created equal, however. Here’s what to look for on a restaurant assignment:

Dining Alone? Most restaurant mystery shopping assignments are pretty strict on whether you have to dine alone or not. Some assignments require you to shop with a certain number of people, and some even specify whether kids can come along or not. You may think a mystery shopping assignment at the local fast food joint is a great way to spend the lunch hour with  your kids, but think again. Some of these fast food assignments require you to visit the restaurant alone, and specifically say kids are not allowed.

Can I Take Your Order? Restaurants who ask for mystery shopping services often ask mystery shoppers to check the cleanliness of the restaurant, the service of the staff, and the food that is being ordered. Oftentimes, mystery shoppers will be required to order a rather large meal, with an appetizer, an entree, a dessert, and a beverage. If you are required to complete the assignment with another person, a second entree and second dessert may also be required to be purchased. When most people go out to eat, typically this much food is not ordered or eaten. While the assignment may require you to sample all of the food in order to comment on the quality and taste of the food, keep in mind that you do not have to eat all of the food ordered. Ask for a take-home box and enjoy the leftovers later at home.

Would You Like Something From The Bar? Most bar assignments and even some restaurant assignments will require the purchase of an alcoholic beverage from the bar. Be sure to read the assignment requirements thoroughly to scan for this requirement if you are under the legal drinking age or are otherwise prefer not to drink alcoholic beverages.

Would You Like The Ticket Now? Restaurant assignments can be tricky if you aren’t careful. Many of these assignments require the purchase of far more food and beverages than you will be compensated for through the combination of both the shop pay and the expense reimbursement. It’s easy to lose money on these assignments. That being said, if you are looking for a great way to dine out without a large impact to your pocketbook, these assignments are great. While you may end up out-of-pocket some cash when you look at the big picture, you will still get a fairly nice reimbursement for a relaxing meal or drinks out.

While you likely won’t end up making money (or making much money) on restaurant assignments when all is said and done, these assignments are a fun way to spend some time. Plus, they make dining out a more affordable venture for you!