Have You Done a Bank Mystery Shopping Assignment Lately?

As a mystery shopper, you know you can find assignments in all types of public places. From restaurants and retail stores to gas stations, movie theaters, health clubs, and so much more. Many assignments leave mystery shoppers feeling flustered and stressed out. Grocery stores, retail stores, and even many restaurants are often just plain crowded, and there is nothing relaxing about wheeling your shopping cart through crowded grocery store aisles or doing a restaurant assignment during peak lunch times. For many mystery shoppers, a bank assignment usually can provide you with a great change of pace. Here’s what you need to know:

Bank Teller Assignments. Often, bank assignments will have you deposit a check or cash into your account from the drive thru lanes. For this reason, this type of assignment is typically only available for people who already hold an account with the specified bank. When you perform this assignment, you don’t have to get out of your car, which makes it ideal to do on even the coldest days of winter. It’s also usually a fast assignment. Unless you hit the teller lanes at 5pm on a Friday afternoon or another peak payday time such as the 15th or the last day of the month, you rarely have to wait behind more than a car or two at most banks. So you can be in and out of this site visit in a matter of minutes.

Open An Account. Some bank assignments will have you walk into a local bank branch and open a new account with a bank representative. With these assignments, sometimes you will be required to enter the bank without an appointment, and this can mean you have to wait quite some time for a representative to become available. Other assignments require you to make an appointment with a certain representative before your visit, and these assignments generally move pretty quickly. Keep in mind if you open a new checking or savings account, you typically have to have cash available to deposit into the account on that day. As a bonus, many banks offer free gifts for opening an account, such as cash, free movie tickets, or so forth, which is a great perk.

Question On An Account. As a variation of opening an account, another scenario that is common with bank assignments may involve you walking into a bank where you already have an account and asking a specific question about your accounts. You may be required to ask your question to the inside bank teller or to the bank representative. This type of assignment typically won’t take too much of your time unless you visit at a peak time for the bank.

These are just a few of the different types of bank assignments you may run across. Pay attention to the requirement for being a current account holder with the bank in question before you request the assignment. Typically, these assignments are a great change of pace from the norm because banks are often far less crowded than retail stores, restaurants, and so forth. In addition, you often have fewer requirements to fulfill on-site with this type of assignment, which makes them generally easier to do.