Have Fun Mystery Shopping With These Top Assignments

It’s not too difficult to find yourself burnt out from mystery shopping. After all, with the relatively low pay coupled with the stress of completing assignments on time, working with difficult schedulers and providers, and all of the various issues that can arise during the site visit, it is pretty easy to lose sight of the benefits of mystery shopping. One of the top perks of mystery shopping is being able to select “fun” assignments. If you find yourself getting burnt out with mystery shopping, give yourself a mystery shopping-style boost with these fun assignments:

It’s A New Car. For many people, the only fun part of buying a new car is test driving all of the new models on the market. With one of the many car dealership assignments, you can find yourself behind the wheel of new cars. You may have to play the part of a potential car buyer, but the stress and hassle of negotiating with car salesmen over price and financing is eliminated. With a car dealership assignment, you get all of the perks of new car shopping without the hassle or stress. What’s more, you actually get paid to do something most people love – test driving new cars!

Grab A Bite To Eat. There seems to be no end to the number of restaurant assignments available on the job boards. Whether the assignment is for an early morning coffee shop site visit, a mid-day lunch at a fast food joint, or an elegant evening dinner at a fine dining establishment, you can easily find the perfect assignment that suits your style and your taste buds. What’s more, you can usually bring a friend or family member along with you. There is no finer way to earn a few extra bucks than with a complimentary meal shared between friends or family!

A Complete Mind And Body Experience. There are a variety of assignments available located at different types of spas, which give you reimbursements on treatments ranging from facials, manicures, and pedicures, to wraps and massages. These assignments may be located as day spas, beauty salons, spa resorts, and other such venues. Because these venues are located just as often on the outskirts of metro areas and in rural destinations as they are in the heart of big cities, you should expand your search territory on the job boards to ensure you see all of the spa assignments available.

An Overnight Affair. If you really want to get away from it all and enjoy a relaxing night in a hotel, look for one of the many assignments at a hotel. These hotel assignments may be in your own hometown, or in a nearby metro area. If you would consider traveling to nearby metro areas for a hotel assignment, be sure you have these areas selected on your job board search criteria. Often hotel assignments will be for one or two nights, and you will be required to complete certain tasks while you are in the room. However, you often will have plenty of free time to explore the city or relax in the comfort of your room as well.

Add some spice to mystery shopping by including some of these fun assignments in your work schedule!