Handling The Low Points of Mystery Shopping

Some mystery shopping assignments are better than others. There are assignments that you sail through without any problems, the reporting goes fast, and you get paid promptly. The thought crosses your mind, “If I could only have more assignments like this one….” Then there are the other assignments, which can only be termed as “bad.” If you have ever talked to another mystery shopper, these are the assignments you talk about – the ones that live on in your memory for years. These are the assignments mystery shoppers post on the on-line forums to share with others.

Vent Away. For whatever reasons, mystery shoppers mostly want to share with each other the low points of mystery shopping. Letting it all out and telling your fellow mystery shoppers as well as your friends and family what happened to you is a great way to help you cope with a truly nightmarish assignment. If you don’t have anyone to share your stories with, or if you want to make yourself feel better after a bad day by reading about stories worse than yours, head over to the mystery shopping on-line forums to vent with your fellow mystery shoppers.

Take Five. Sometimes a mystery shopping experience has been so truly bad, even beyond bad, that there is nothing you can do except take a break from mystery shopping. This is an assignment that is so bad that it has left a sour taste in your mouth for mystery shopping, and the thought may have crossed your mind that you don’t want to be a mystery shopper anymore. Before you call it quits for good over one bad assignment, take a few days or even a few weeks off. Sometimes having some time to reflect on the assignment can make it not seem as bad as it did initially. Or you may decide that you’ve had far too many good experiences as a mystery shopper to let this bad experience ruin the job for you.

Get Right Back In There. If you are not a “take a break” sort of person, you may simply have to jump right back into mystery shopping to get over your bad experience. With a few good mystery shopping experiences, you may soon forget about that nightmare assignment. If you don’t have any assignments lined up next, peruse the job boards and commit yourself to doing a few assignments soon.

Deal With The Issue. There are some assignments where issues cropped up that can, and should, be dealt with. Obviously you can’t work through an issue with the sales staff at a store, but if your problem on the assignment (or part of the many problems on the assignment) is with your mystery shopping provider, take a few minutes to develop your thoughts about what happened and then have a calm conversation with the provider. You can also try to compose an email if you prefer that method. Either way, make sure your message to the provider is non-combative so you don’t cause damage to your relationship with your provider.

There is no right or wrong way to deal with a bad day on the job. You may find that one bad assignment will require you to use multiple methods to cope with the issues at hand. For instance, you may first write an email to the provider to address an issue, and then you may take a few days off from the job to reflect. However you cope, keep your chin up and know that as with everything in life, mystery shopping has its up and downs. Soon enough you’ll be at a high point of the job and enjoying a slew of great assignments.