Great Mystery Shopping Assignments for the Fall Season

In many areas, the cool nip of autumn air is a refreshing break from the stifling heat of the summer. Many mystery shoppers who have spent their summers doing indoor assignments where they can beat the summer heat now want to find great assignments that will take them outdoors to enjoy the beautiful fall weather. If you are looking for some great mystery shopping assignments to enjoy this fall, check out some of these ideas.

Outdoor Assignments. Most mystery shopping assignments will take place indoors, but there are a handful that will take you outdoors this fall. Keep your eyes open for restaurant assignments at venues that you know offer outdoor patio seating, or pick up a to-go order during your assignment and enjoy your meal at a local park. You can also look for some non-traditional assignment venues such as amusement parks and golf courses. Other outdoor assignments include car dealership assignments, gas stations, home improvement stores with an outdoor gardening section, and more. Many of these assignments will go quickly when the weather is nice outside, so be sure to check the job boards often this time of year if you want to snag an outdoor assignment or two.

Road Trip. The fall months are known for the beautiful hues of the foliage, so why not plan a road trip and enjoy seeing the fall sights on your way to your out of town assignments? Think about locations around your area that are known for their fall foliage, and try to find a few assignments in that direction. You can make a full day out of enjoying the beautiful fall sights and completing your out of town assignments!

Check the Forecast. While the weather during the fall months can be truly amazing, it can also be miserable. In some areas, the heat of summer can extend well into the fall months. In other areas, winter can strike early and bring early season snow and ice storms. Before you sign up to do any outdoor assignments this fall, be sure to keep an eye on the weather forecast. The last thing you want to do is to get an assignment outdoors only to find out the weather that day will be truly miserable.

Fun Indoor Assignments. Whether the weather is going to be too hot or too cold in your neck of the woods in the coming days, there are some fun indoor assignments you can try that will add some zest to your job. During cooler days, check out a restaurant assignment that serves specialty coffee and tea drinks, or that is known for its great soup or chili. On warmer days, assignments at ice cream shops and ice skating rinks will cool you off. You can also check out the latest blockbuster while you work with a movie theater assignment, or pick up a few extra items for your fall and winter wardrobe with a retail store assignment or two.

The fall weather can be unpredictable at times, but there are fun assignments that you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Work some of these great ideas in your mystery shopping plans this fall!