Get Your Spring Off To A Great Start with These Fun Spring Assignments

The snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and you’re ready to get out and make a few bucks mystery shopping in the beautiful spring weather!¬† Spring is a wonderful time to be a mystery shopper. There’s no need to be stuck indoors while you make a buck when you are mystery shopping. Instead, get out and enjoy yourself this spring with some of these fun spring assignments!

Eat Outdoors! The sun is shining and the cold chill of winter is subsiding. Why not pick up an assignment or two at a restaurant, cafe, or coffee shop that features outdoor patio or sidewalk seating? Grab your best friend, your spouse, or your whole family, and treat yourselves to a wonderful meal outdoors enjoying the brilliant spring weather. You will feel even better by spending your time outdoors knowing you are earning a few bucks in the process!

Freshen Up Your Wardrobe! As the cool weather transitions into the warmer spring months, many people often look towards last year’s spring and summer fashions with a bit of disdain. Perhaps you’ve gained a few pounds over the holidays or maybe last year’s fashions just aren’t as stylish this year as they were last year. Whatever your reasons are, there’s no need to fret about adding a few extra pieces to your wardrobe in the latest spring fashions when you freshen up your wardrobe with your mystery shopping assignments. On the next few assignments you work on, select assignments at a shoe store for a new pair of sandals, at an accessory store for a few high fashion jewelry items or other accessories, and at a few retail stores for the latest spring and summer fashions.

Have Some Springtime Fun! No matter your age, springtime always inspires you to get outside and enjoy yourself. Outdoor mystery shopping assignments are a bit more difficult to come by than restaurants and retail stores, but if you can get your hands on one or two, you’ve struck the springtime mystery shopping jackpot! There are a variety of great assignments you can keep your eyes open for. These can include those at amusement parks, theme parks, golf courses, entertainment centers, and more. If you want to increase your chances of finding these assignments, be sure to look at assignments in all of the major cities that are close enough for a day trip.

The spring months are notorious for rain showers. After all, without the spring showers, we wouldn’t have the summer flowers. Be sure to keep your eyes open for fun assignments that are good for rainy days, too, such as movie theater checks.

Maybe you’ve been working¬† your tail feathers off over the winter months to cover that big holiday bill you racked up, or perhaps you took a much needed mystery shopping break and have been holed up at home during the coldest of winter days. Now that winter is over, it’s time for some mystery shopping-style, springtime fun!