Get Over the Summer Doldrums With these Exciting Mystery Shopping Assignments

Mystery shopping is one of those jobs that just perfect for rainy days and cold weather, and throughout much of the fall, winter, and spring months, you may zip right through dozens and dozens of mystery shopping assignments without batting an eye. When the summer months roll around, however, it can be pretty hard to stay motivated to work on assignments in your free time when everyone else you know is off having fun. The kids or grandkids are out of school, families are taking summer vacations, neighbors and friends are splashing around at the pool, beach, or lake, and so much more. If you cannot afford to take a break from mystery shopping and join in the summertime fun, here are some ideas to help you get over the summer doldrums and enjoy your mystery shopping assignments a little more:

A Mystery Shopping Getaway. If you cannot afford to really get out of town on a fun vacation, treat yourself to several small mini-vacations to nearby cities. If you look hard, you may be able to get reimbursed for your hotel cost by picking up a hotel assignment. You can also look for assignments in neighboring towns as well as en route such as restaurants, gas stations, and more, which can make traveling a bit more affordable. When you aren’t out mystery shopping, you can use your downtime to really explore someplace new and exciting.

Find a Buddy. It sure can be lonely to spend your summer months mystery shopping all by yourself. With folks enjoying time away from work, school, or wherever it is they spend most of their year, now is the perfect time to invite a buddy to shop with you. Now you may not want to take your buddy to a gas station assignment or some other generally dull assignment like that, but you and a friend or family member can have fun doing a mystery shopping assignment at a movie theater, a restaurant, or even at a retail store, too. Mystery shopping really is more fun when you have someone you like by your side.

Be Somebody New. One of the many good things about mystery shopping is that you can really be anyone you want to be for a little while. You generally are required to interact with store staff on some level at most assignments, but you certainly don’t have to be your normal self. By all means, adopt an entirely new persona, or even act like your sister or your best friend does when out in public. It can be truly exhilarating and even eye opening to see the world through another person’s eyes. If you do this, however, you should heed a word of advice. Be sure you have fully thought through this persona so that you aren’t caught off guard when you are in the middle of a conversation with the store staff.

The summer months can be dull and boring if you aren’t having fun with everyone else, but thankfully you have a very unique and exciting job as a mystery shopper! This job truly offers you a wide range of possibilities for having a blast while you are earning money this summer.