Fun Spring Mystery Shopping Assignments to Brighten Your Day

The spring months may be known for warm, brilliantly sunny days and gorgeous spring flowers. In most parts of the country, though, there are plenty of miserable, dreary, and even downright cold days mixed in between the beautiful days. Those dreary days can really bring you down, but there are a few fun mystery shopping assignments you can pick up to brighten even the gloomiest of days.

Lunch With a Friend

Many mystery shopping assignments allow you to shop with a companion. What better way is there to spend a few hours on a dreary day than with a good friend and good food? Look for a great restaurant assignment on the job boards, and invite a friend to come along with you to work one day. While you complete your various mystery shopping assignments, you can chat and catch up with one of your nearest and dearest friends.

A Movie Day

Sometimes the best way to deal with a drab, dull day is to head indoors and hole yourself away in a movie theater. You can look for a movie theater trailer assignment or two to complete. Each of these theater assignments is different, but many times you can stay and watch the whole movie. With a theater trailer check, your work is typically done after your first few minutes in the theater. So after the trailers have run, you may be able to kick back and let the plot of a good movie carry your thoughts away from work and the bad weather outside.

Retail Therapy

Many mystery shoppers made the decision to get into the mystery shopping business because they love to shop, and a little bit of retail therapy may be in order when the weather is poor outside. The last thing you may want to do when the weather is bad is run back and forth between your car and site visit locations. You certainly don’t want to spend more time driving on the road than you need to, too. You can get your retail therapy in on those bad weather days by picking up a few different mystery shopping assignments at a local mall. Take time to browse the job boards for different assignments that can be done at the same mall, or make plans to spend a full day mall-hopping.

Sweet Treats

If you are one of the many mystery shoppers who has a sweet tooth, you can treat your sweet tooth to a special treat on gloomy days. There are numerous mystery shopping assignments that allow you to sample desserts like cakes, cookies, ice cream and more. Nobody wants to eat alone, so be sure to bring your kids, grandkids or someone else who is near and dear to your heart along to share your desserts with you.

The weather outside may be poor on certain spring days, but that doesn’t mean that those bad weather days have to be a complete bust. Take time to search for some of these mystery shopping assignments to complete on bad weather days, and you may just make those dreary days a little brigher.