Enjoy Spring Weather With Fun Outdoor Mystery Shopping Assignments

Mystery shopping is a great job any time of year. It provides workers with the ability to work as much or as little as you want, and to adjust your workload as needed based on your availability and income needs at any time. Further, you can pick and choose which assignments you want to work on, so you have complete control over how you spend your time. While there are perks to mystery shopping that you can enjoy any time of year, the spring months are truly a great time to mystery shop. If you have ever had to spend beautiful spring days stuck inside behind a desk or a retail shop counter, you know what a drag it can be to waste a perfectly beautiful day indoors. There are some great mystery shopping assignments available that allow you to enjoy the beautiful spring days and earn some money in the process, too.

Restaurants With Outdoor Seating

If you are looking for some great assignments to complete this spring, be sure too snag up a few assignments at restaurants that have outdoor or patio seating. You can spend a good hour or so eating great food and soaking up some rays while you earn some money. The best thing about these assignments is that you can choose to sit indoors if you want or need to. Often, mystery shoppers choose their assignments a few days ahead of time, and weather does have a way of changing from what is originally forecasted. These assignments give you the option to choose depending on what the weather is like.

Outdoor Outlet Malls

If you live close to an outlet mall, by all means try to find a few assignments to work on one spring afternoon at the outlet mall. While one assignment would be great and would allow you to at least enjoy the outlet mall experience, picking up several would give you plenty of time to really take in the sunshine and fresh air in between assignments. If you can find several assignments to complete in one day, this may even be a great reason to hop in the car and plan a day trip farther from home.

Road Trip

If you live to hop in the car, roll the windows down, and turn your favorite songs up on the radio while the countryside passes by, you may want to consider heading to another town or even a rural destination a few hours to pick up some assignments. You can pick up all of your assignments in one location or plan an “out and back” route that allows you to work a bit and then travel a bit to your next assignment. If you plan your trip right, you can take in views of roadside wildflowers and fresh, green vegetation, too.

These are some great ways to earn some extra money as a mystery shopper this spring. When you visit the job boards next, be sure to keep these tips in mind!