Do You Tell People You’re a Mystery Shopper?

When it comes to mystery shopping, many people keep their job a closely guarded secret. This may even involve lying to friends and family from time to time about where you are going or how extra spending money is earned. Other people opt to be open and honest about their job, and some will even voluntarily offer the information before their profession is asked about. The fact is that there are pros and cons associated with telling people a mystery shopper. Before you start talking, here are some points to consider.

The Honest Route

The fact is that most people really do not enjoy lying to others, and they may be incredibly uncomfortable lying to people who are close to them. Being honest, however, does not necessarily mean telling people the entire truth and disclosing all of the nitty gritty details about your job. While you may choose to disclose all of the details about your job to some people, you may consider holding your tongue with others for a few good reasons.

Job Competition

If mystery shopping sounded like an appealing job to you before you signed up with a provider and started working, you can rest assured that it also sounds appealing to others. There are only so many assignments available on any given day within your geographic area, and the more mystery shoppers that sign up to work in your area, the greater the competition will be for those assignments. Keep in mind that if you tell one person about your job, he or she may tell several others. While you may not think that telling one or two people about your job will hurt you, the fact is that it very well may.

Your Cover

There are so many situations in life where you may think, “Wow, it’s a small world.” You realize that your co-workers are friends with your neighbors, that your best friend knows your jogging partner or that other people have different connections. While this may seem interesting to you at certain times, as a mystery shopper, it can be dangerous. When many people may know about your mystery shopping job, you run a greater risk of being identified by someone who knows who you are. Keep in mind that even those who don’t know you personally may hear about your profession and may know your face through the grapevine or through social media websites.

When it comes to mystery shopping, you may be excited about your job and eager to tell everyone about your job, you may be wiser to keep your job closer to the vest. Consider developing a cover story for your job, such as that you work in retail administration as a contractor. Such a job description may be accurate and forthright, but it lacks the element of intrigue that will make other peoples talk. Once you mention your job description, their eyes will likely glaze over, and they will soon forget what it is you do for a living.