Do You Have to Do Boring Mystery Shopping Assignments to Earn a Decent Paycheck?

Some mystery shopping assignments may be fun and thrilling, but other assignments may seem dull and boring. While you may diligently search the job boards for the most exciting assignments at the most preferred locations, these assignments may seem few and far between. In order to meet your income goals, you may feel as though you have to work on the boring assignments too. However, this may not entirely be true. By adjusting your mystery shopping strategy, you may be able to complete a greater number of fun assignments on a regular basis.

Work With More Providers

The unfortunate truth is that some providers simply don’t offer the type of assignments that you want, and others may offer only a limited number of these assignments. If you want to fill your entire work schedule with top mystery shopping assignments, you may need to expand the number of providers you work with. Depending on how populated your local area is and how many providers you currently work with, you may only have to sign up to work with another provider or two. On the other hand, you may need to sign up to work with five, eight or more additional providers if assignments are rather scarce in your area.

Check the Job Boards Frequently

If you normally scan the job boards for the top mystery shopping assignments and eagerly select them over other assignments, you are not alone. In most cases, the fun and lucrative assignments are snatched up quickly by the first mystery shoppers who see them. Therefore, if you want access to the best assignments at the hottest venues, you simply need to review the job boards more often. If you are only checking the job boards once every week or two, you essentially are reviewing the assignments that nobody else wanted.

Expand Your Horizons

You may also consider redefining or expanding your definition of a fun assignment. If you love shoes and your definition of a fun assignment is anything at a shoe store, you may have severely limited options. However, if you try out a few different types of assignments, you may be surprised to find that you enjoy working on other assignments too. Find your adventurous spirit today, and sign up to work on assignments that you normally wouldn’t select. You may be surprised to learn that these assignments are entirely enjoyable as well as profitable.

Many mystery shoppers initially started working in this field because the job is supposed to be fun. When you first started working on your first few assignments, every assignment may have been enjoyable because it was new and exciting. However, with time and experience, you may have quickly developed a preference for a certain type of assignment, and these assignments may indeed be available in limited supply. If you want to find more enjoyment out of your mystery shopping assignments, you can take some time to implement some of these great ideas today. By doing so, you may rejuvenate your interest and enjoyment in your job.