Coping With Rejection: How Mystery Shoppers Can Overcome Provider Challenges

Your friends and family may think that your job as a mystery shopper is cushy and exciting, but even if you have only been mystery shopping for a few months, you know that there are plenty of challenges associated with your job. Some mystery shoppers will work in their career for years without facing a rejected report, but others seem to experience rejection after reject. When your reports are rejected, you will not get paid for your time and hard work. More than that, your ability to continue working with that provider may be at jeopardy. Overcoming these challenges is key to minimizing the impact of a rejection.


Before the Rejection

Very few mystery shopping reports are completely rejected altogether. In many cases, a provider or scheduler will first ask that you make revisions to your report or clarify certain points. When you are asked to make a revision to your report, you should take the request very seriously. This is a pivotal point that tells you your report wasn’t quite perfect, and it is likely to be rejected if the revisions are not made exactly as requested. Take time to understand exactly what needs to be revised, and ask your scheduler for clarification if necessary. Then, take ample time to make the revisions, and review your report one last time before re-submitting it.


Your Initial Response to a Rejection

Once you have received word that your report has been rejected, your initial response could make or break your ability to overcome a rejection. Most reports that are rejected cannot be overturned. There often is a specific reason that a report was rejected, such as the suspicion that your assignment was not completed as required in the instructions or very poor grammar. However, some rejections are due to a misunderstanding on your part or on the part of the scheduler. If you believe there is a possibility to correct or remedy the situation, reach out to the scheduler in a professional manner and request the opportunity to make things right.


Learning From Mistakes

You can learn a lot from a rejected report. A rejected report can tell you that you need to pay more attention to assignment requirements, improve your writing skills and more. However, not every rejection is the mystery shoppers fault. Some rejections are due to an overly picky provider or a provider who is difficult to work with. When you are dealing with a rejected report, you should consider reviewing the circumstances of the rejection honestly and with an open mind. Was there something that you could have or should have done differently? If you have racked your brain and have determined that you did nothing wrong, you may consider finding a different provider to work with. Some mystery shoppers have learned the hard way that some providers are too difficult to please, and working with these providers may not be worth your time and effort.


A rejection can be difficult and stressful for any mystery shopper to experience. No mystery shopper wants  to learn that he or she will not be getting paid on an assignment that has been completed. However, this unfortunate event will happen to many mystery shoppers over the years. If this happens to you, keep these tips in mind to enjoy the best outcome possible.