Can Retirees Be Mystery Shoppers?

Many retirees have been hit hard by the lengthy economic recession that gripped the nation. Some were forced into retirement before they were ready due to layoffs, and some have suffered a major financial loss due to the real estate crisis or the plunge of the stock market. While the economy has made a decent recovery to date, many retirees are still feeling the effects of the recession, and some have decided to look for a convenient way to supplement their income. There are several part-time jobs that are popular with retirees, but many are curious about what mystery shopper may hold for them and if they would qualify for the position.

Easy Application Process

The fact is that most mystery shopping providers will accept and approve applications from most individuals who show an interest in their company. Most only accept online applications, and the applications generally can be completed within a few minutes. In many cases, the providers will grant immediate approval or next-day approval of your application, and this makes it truly fast and easy for retirees to start earning income as a mystery shopper.

Flexible Work Schedule

You should be aware that mystery shoppers are not required to work a certain number of hours per week. This flexible work schedule is ideal for retirees who want to control their schedule and work on their own terms. You may choose to pick up a dozen assignments one week and no assignments the next week. Requesting assignments is generally simple to do through the job boards, and you won’t have to report to anyone if you decide to take off for a road trip to visit the grandkids for a few weeks. This may be an ideal work situation for retirees who want to earn some extra money on the side.

Realistic Income

It is important to note that some mystery shopping assignments are only open for certain mystery shoppers to complete. Mystery shopping assignments, for example, may be available for a female between the ages of 24 and 45 or for a male between the ages of 45 and 60. These age-specific assignments are designed for a specific purpose, and this purpose involves ensuring that you blend into the store environment as a typical shopper. It is true that any shopper may have a reason to walk into any store at any time, but some retailers want to get feedback from mystery shoppers who meet their typical customer criteria. However, while there are some assignments like this, this is certainly not inclusive of every assignment. You can maximize your earning potential by signing up to work with multiple providers. The fact is that because there are dozens of providers to work with, it is possible for you to work as much or as little as like, and some mystery shoppers even work full-time hours.

Mystery shopping is a simple, easy job for retirees to get started in, and its flexible work schedule and lack of long-term commitment is well-suited for retirees too. By signing up to work with a provider today, you could be earning money on your first assignment within a day or two!