Broken Trust: When to Find a New Mystery Shopping Provider to Work With

The relationship between a mystery shopper and a mystery shopping provider is a unique one. Typically, a scheduler working on behalf of the provider is the main contact for the mystery shopper. The mystery shopper and scheduler may work together for years without communicating verbally, or there may only be a handful of conversations that take place over the phone. The two parties can have a healthy, productive work relationship that largely is built on trust. The provider trusts that the mystery shopper will show up to work on assignments as scheduled and will complete those assignments on-time and with professional results. The mystery shopper trusts that the provider will approve a quality mystery shopping report without hassle and will pay him or her without delay.


When Trust is Broken

There are unfortunately times when some mystery shopping providers have breached the trust that has developed between these two parties. There are many different ways that trust can be broken. For example, the scheduler may ask a mystery shopper to falsify a report or to enter fraudulent information into the report. The provider may not pay the mystery shopper on time or in full as agreed. These are just a few of the examples of issues that can transpire that may result in a breach of trust.


When It’s Time to Say Good-bye

Trust is among the most important qualities in a healthy relationship between a mystery shopper and a provider. Without trust, the mystery shopper may constantly be concerned about if he or she will get paid for an assignment that was completed, if he or she will be asked to falsify a report, what happens if he or she does or does not comply with fraudulent requests and more. If you have experienced any of these concerns in recent weeks with one of your providers, these may be sure signs that it is time to end the relationship with a provider.


An Easy Step

If you have never ended a relationship with a mystery shopping provider, you may be surprised at how easy it is to do. The fact is that you have no contractual obligation to work with a provider. You are contracted on a per-assignment basis, so once you have completed the last assignment that you have been assigned to work on, you can simply stop requesting new assignments. You don’t have to give a two-weeks’ notice or provide an explanation to anyone. Signing up to work with a new provider is just as easy. You simply have to complete an application form and wait a short period of time for your application to be approved by a new provider in most cases.


If you feel that you can no longer trust one of the providers who you regularly work with, you don’t have to spend your next weeks or months as a mystery shopper in misery. There are numerous mystery shopping providers that you can choose to work with, so it makes perfect sense to end a business relationship that is causing you grief and to move on to greener pastures.