Beating the Summer Heat With Cool Mystery Shopping Assignments

The heat of the summer can really slow you down as a mystery shopper. In many types of jobs, people work indoors in an air conditioned office, store or other similar type of environment As a mystery shopper, however, you are constantly on the go. You may be getting in and out of your car, walking across sweltering asphalt parking lots and more at least several times per day. It is enough to make many mystery shoppers want to take a break from working on assignments during those hottest weeks of the year. However, there are some great ways you can beat the summer heat as a mystery shopper.

Free Drinks

There is nothing quite as refreshing as enjoying an ice cold beverage on a hot summer day. If you have the opportunity to pick up a few restaurant assignments, you should definitely use your expense reimbursement to grab an iced tea, lemonade or another refreshing beverage to go. You can look for specific assignments like those at a juice bar, a smoothie shop or another similar venue, or you can simply sign up for basic restaurant assignments and ask for a to-go cup before you leave the restaurant.

Water Fun

There are some types of assignments that you can only find during the warmest of months, and these are the assignments that may allow you and your family to enjoy some outdoor water fun. Assignments at water parks, splash pads and more are difficult to find as they are in high demand. However, if you can snag one, you are sure to stay cool while you earn some money during the hottest of days. You can also look for other types of assignments that may allow you to cool off, such as those at a fitness center that has an on-site swimming pool, a resort or hotel with a pool, a river rafting tour service and more.

Indoor Assignments

While drinks and water fun are a few ways to beat the summer heat, another option to consider is to simply stay out of the heat altogether. Mystery shopping assignments in general do require you to get in and out of your car repeatedly throughout the day, but this isn’t always the case. When you have all of your assignments for the day in one location, you can skip the aspect of getting in and out of your car and driving around in the summer sun. It can be difficult to book all of your assignments for a single day in a single indoor mall, but it is not impossible. Often, this is best accomplished when you are signed up to work with several different providers. Keep in mind that every store in the mall will not be working with the same mystery shopping providers.

If you plan to mystery shop during the summer months, you certainly want to take every opportunity possible to beat the heat. While you will still have to get in and out of your car and walk across hot parking lots from time to time, you can beat the heat with these assignment ideas from time to time.