Are You Unhappy With the Size of Your Mystery Shopping Paychecks?

Regardless of the line of work that people are in, many people love to complain about how small their paychecks are. They feel as though they work hard for their money and are not generally compensated for the value of their worth. While there is little that you can do about your income when you are a salaried or hourly employee, you do have greater control over your paychecks when you are a mystery shopper. If you are not happy with your mystery shopping income, consider a few of these key points.

Look at Other Job Boards

First, you should take time to review other job boards with different mystery shopping providers. This can be very revealing to you as it can show you if you could earn a greater income per assignment if you start working with other providers. Of course, in order to look at other providers’ job boards, you will first need to sign up to work with them. The process of applying to work with a specific provider may take only a few minutes of your time, but it can take much longer to sign up to work with multiple providers. With this in mind, you may consider researching providers through the mystery shopping forums online before you begin signing up to work with new providers. This can help you to determine which providers are worth your time and energy applying for.

A Careful Analysis

Then, conduct a careful analysis of the job boards and of the specific assignments available to determine if other assignments are really more effective for you to complete. Keep in mind that the time associated with completing the assignment should also be taken into account when you analyze the assignment. Ideally, you will find assignments that take less time to complete and that have a greater payoff for you.

Make a Transition

It can take some time and effort to search for providers that may offer better assignments. However, many mystery shoppers who do make this effort ultimately will be rewarded by finding at least one or more providers that offer them more lucrative compensation. However, rather than jump ship with one provider entirely, it is best to make a slow transition. Over time, slow down the pace with which you work with one provider and ease into a relationship with your new provider. After all, while one provider may offer an improved paycheck, that provider may not have the fast payment process or the great customer service that you want from your providers.

If you generally feel let down or unhappy when you receive your mystery shopping paychecks, you can continue to complain about it, or you can take action and do something about it. The fact is that you will never get rich as a mystery shopper, but you may be able to make more money by working with a different provider or two. Therefore, follow a few of these tips today to begin exploring your options more closely.