Are Restaurant Assignments Right for You?

Mystery shoppers have a wide variety of mystery shopping assignments to choose from. Most mystery shoppers choose to work with several different providers, and some even work with a dozen or more providers. Each provider will offer numerous assignments to choose from, but many do offer several restaurant assignments on any given day. These restaurant assignments may include everything from an ice cream shop or coffee shop to a fast food restaurant, a casual dining eatery or a fine dining establishment. If you are wondering if these assignments are suitable for you, here are some points to consider:

Special Dietary Restrictions

Some people watch what they eat to maintain their figure while others must monitor their food intake for other reasons. Many people have special dietary restrictions they must follow due to digestive issues, food allergies and more. While some restaurants do cater to those on special diets, others do not. If you have special dietary restrictions, you may already be aware of which restaurants are “safe” for you to eat at and which are not. Keep your own dietary restrictions in mind as you determine whether you want to try a restaurant assignment or which assignments to select.

Open to New Experiences

If you have never tried a restaurant assignment, you may be in for a whole new experience. These assignments are similar to other types of assignments such as retail clothing stores and grocery stores in that you have to interact with staff, check the bathrooms for cleanliness and more. However, these assignments often pertain quite a bit to the quality of the food and the timeliness within which it was served. Many of these assignments require you to have a stop watch, and you will have to sample the food you order in most cases. In some cases, you may be asked to order several meals at one time. These assignments are often fairly unique, so you should have an adventurous spirit to try them out.

Table for One?

Some restaurant assignments require you to shop, or otherwise dine, alone. Others may require you to bring at least one other companion along with you. These requirements should be strictly followed. Before you sign up for an assignment, consider your willingness to comfortably dine alone if required. Otherwise, consider which friend or family member you may be able to entice to bring to work with you to complete the assignment. These assignments may need to be completed on a certain date and within a certain time frame, so your friend or family member will need to be trustworthy and dependable. He or she should understand that you must dine at a certain time in order to complete the assignment.

There are many different factors to consider before signing up to complete a restaurant assignment. These assignments can be a lot of fun, and they can provide you with some delicious meals and snacks while you work. However, they are not suitable for all mystery shoppers. Carefully consider these points before you sign up for a restaurant assignment.