Are Audit Assignments Right For You?

Mystery shoppers are generally an adventurous sort. After all, it takes a lot of spirit and confidence to walk into a new and unfamiliar location to observe store staff, cleanliness, and more in a secretive way. There is always that air of excitement and possibly even slight apprehension at the possibility of getting caught by the staff and having your identity uncovered.

Yet however adventurous mystery shoppers may be as a whole, many mystery shoppers shy away from trying out audit assignments. The fact is that you can really add some great money-making opportunities to your daily workload when you work these assignments into your work day. Here are some things to consider:

Plentiful Assignments. If you look at the job boards, you likely will find several audit assignments just sitting around waiting for someone to snatch them up. So if you have been looking for a way to make more money as a mystery shopper, and maybe even to take your mystery shopping job to the full-time level, picking up a few of these assignments to do each week can really help you out. They are easy to get, and the money is pretty easy to earn, too.

Great Variety. It’s pretty easy to lump auditing assignments all together in one category, but you would be amiss to do this. There are several different types of assignments available, and each offers you a different experience. There are concealed audits, which essentially have you walk into the site location and satisfy the audit requirements without revealing just who you are to store staff. There are also revealed assignments, which can provide you with a much-needed break from staying hidden throughout the work day. These assignments require you to announce your presence to the store manager or staff before starting your job.

Type of Work. When you start looking into doing audit assignments more, you will find that there are quite a few different things you may be asked to audit on these assignments. Some may ask you to verify that the location is compliant with laws and regulations, and others may have you verify that safety codes are met. Others may simply have you do a few price audits on merchandise. Likewise, some may take you just a few minutes to complete, and others may take you several hours. For this reason, you will want to pay attention to the work required and make sure that the pay is commensurate with the time and effort required before you sign up.

Many of the most profitable mystery shoppers as well as many full-time mystery shoppers do include a variety of different audit assignments in their weekly work schedule. While they may seem intimidating, you will find that when you give them a try, you may find them enjoyable. More than that, however, is the fact that many truly do compensate you well for your time and efforts, and so you can really add to your bottom line as a mystery shopper when you do a few of these regularly. Spend time today researching the job boards and give a couple audit assignments a try.