Are Audit Assignments a Waste of Your Time?

If you have never tried out an audit assignment but are thinking about giving it a try, you are not alone. There are so many different types of assignments available through most mystery shopping providers. Many mystery shoppers start working on a few types of assignments they like, such as those at restaurants or retail stores, and they never deviate much from those assignments. However, whether out of boredom from the monotony of doing the same type of assignments on a regular basis or out of the need to pick up extra assignments for quick cash, you may not be considering the option to work on audit assignments. So are these assignments worthwhile?

The Time Requirement

Just as each mystery shopping assignment is unique with regards to the work required and the time commitment, the same holds true for audit assignments. Some audit assignments are very quick and easy to complete, and others may take literally hours of your time. Before you make the decision about whether a specific audit assignment is worth working on, first read through the assignments requirements. Consider realistically how much time it will take for you to complete the assignment in question.

The Compensation

The next thing you want to consider is the compensation offered by the assignment. Some audit assignments seem to pay very little, but they also may take very little time to complete. Others, however, may not pay much at all, and they may take hours to complete. Before you sign up to complete any audit assignments, you want to take a quick look at the compensation offered. Compare the compensation against the time requirement for the assignment. The fact is that some assignments may be worthwhile for you, and others may not be. Analyzing each assignment individually is necessary if you want to find assignments that are worth your time and effort.

The Alternatives

If you are like so many other mystery shoppers, you would rather be working on something, anything, rather than sitting at home and not making a dime for your time. With this in mind, you may consider browsing through the job boards to find other assignments that you could be working on that same day and time. If you find an alternative offer that is more lucrative, consider filling your schedule with the more lucrative opportunity. There may be days when you simply have no other alternatives, and you must take the audit assignments if you want to work at all during that specific period of time. While some mystery shoppers would be willing to work on any assignment that pays them money, including lower paying assignments when nothing else is available, others will not take on assignments if they pay is not reasonable. Consider the alternatives available as well as your own requirements for assignments.

The fact is that some audit assignments can be lucrative, but others offer such low pay for the time and effort required that they should be viewed as a last resort option. Keep these tips in mind as you search for audit assignments to complete.