An Interview with Consumer Impressions Mystery Shopping

I recently had the opportunity to ask Jodi Paul a few questions about her mystery shopping company. If you’re looking for a great company to work with, I highly recommend signing up for Consumer Impressions.

Please give a short introduction to your company:

Consumer Impressions, Inc. is headquartered in Plano, Texas.  We have been providing mystery shopping services since 1991.  We focus mainly on fast food, but also do fine dining surveys as well.  We have worked with many different types of service oriented businesses over the past 20 years.

What types of assignments do you offer?

Currently we offer Fast Food and Fine Dining surveys.

What is your typical pay range?

$8.00 plus reimbursement for the meal for a daytime fast food shop.
$12.00 plus reimbursement for the meal for a late night fast food shop.
$10.00 plus reimbursement for a meal including appetizer, entree, beverage and dessert at fine dining restaurants.

How can mystery shoppers sign up with your company?

Go to our web site,, and click on the Link to Shop with Us.  Fill out our application on line.  There is no fee to join our shopping team.  We do ask you to do a quiz as part of the application, which insures that you understand the requirements and expectations we have for our shoppers.  We also ask you to choose the locations that you would like to shop for us.  We only schedule you to visit locations that you choose.

How can shoppers get assignments after signing up with your company?

Our computer selects the shoppers initially.  As the month progresses, and shoppers return shops, we make them available on a listing that shoppers can select from.  Each week, we send out an email which lets a shopper know if we have a shop available at a location that they have on their preferred locations to shop.  The shopper can then log into their account and choose the survey themselves.  If we do not get response from the Available Shops email, we will then call shoppers.  The best way to assure you receive shops is to check the available listing often.  Shops are always coming back throughout the month.

What qualities do you look for in a mystery shopper?

We need reliable shoppers who are willing to provide a detailed, well written report.  We need shoppers who take the program seriously and take pride in their work.

What sets your company apart?

We do our best to schedule our surveys so that they are convenient for our shoppers schedule.  We appreciate our reliable, detailed shoppers and know that our business would not survive without them.

To get started with Consumer Impressions, click here.