Add Some Zest to Your Mystery Shopping With These Exciting Assignments

Mystery shoppers are largely a group a really busy people. The ability to set your own hours and control your schedule attracts busy people looking to make some extra money around their other commitments in life. While it’s great that you can earn extra cash on the side from picking up various assignments, when you do this, you inevitably make yourself even busier than you already are. The result is that many mystery shoppers do run out of steam and lose interest in continuing on with the job. There are some fun assignments that can really add a little bit of zest and excitement to your mystery shopping hours, and you should take some time to try these fun assignments out for yourself:

Have a Snack! You may think of restaurant assignments as those fast-paced and often high-stress jobs that generally don’t offer enough pay to be worth the headache of the site visit or the report. There are, however, some fun and more relaxed restaurant assignments that offer you a completely different experience. Consider grabbing a morning java at a coffee shop or an afternoon milkshake or ice cream sundae at an ice cream parlor. There are also a handful of fine dining assignments available that allow you to enjoy an amazing night on the town and some great food to boot.

Pamper Yourself. There are assignments at just about every type of venue that serves the public, and this includes beauty salons and spas, too. You can get a free manicure or pedicure by enjoying one of these assignments, or get a new hair style, a massage, a facial, or something else altogether. Generally these are found in major cities and their suburbs, so if you live in a rural area, you may need to expand your horizons in your job search and be willing to travel for that pampering beauty experience.

Go For a Test Drive! Most people love the feeling of driving a new car, but they hate the high pressure sales tactics that car dealerships serve up. There are some great car dealership assignments, including at premier luxury car dealerships, that allow you to try out the newest models for fun. You can really have a blast getting into the role of a potential car buyer and have fun haggling with the salesperson all without the intention of really buying the car. Assignments are available at many dealerships, including in both rural and urban locations. This can truly give you a new found love of car dealerships!

These are just a few of the many fun types of mystery shopping assignments that you seek out and enjoy. While mystery shopping may just be a means to a paycheck for you right now, which inevitably does lead to that burned-out feeling, when you add some of these fun assignments to your calendar, you will find that doing these assignments can once again become a highlight of your day – and a fun way to make some money, too!