Add Some Summer Sizzle To Your Mystery Shopping Job

Throughout much of the year, you may find that you are in auto-pilot mode with your mystery shopping assignments. You go through the job boards regularly without giving too much thought to which assignments you select. Generally, you choose the same types of assignments and work within the same general part of your city. And with this routine comes monotony and event boredom. But this summer you can add some sizzle back into your mystery shopping job with these fun tips:

A Hard Look at the Job Boards. The next time you look at the job boards, turn the auto-pilot mode off and get them a good, solid look. Choose a few assignments that fall outside your comfort zone – perhaps with jobs that are a little farther away, even in a neighboring town. Pick an assignment type that you don’t usually do. For instance, you normally do retail stores and movie theater checks, add a few restaurant or coffee shop assignments or even a car dealership assignment. Trying a new assignment type or two will really add some pizzazz to your work routine.

Adopt A Fun Cover Story. Just because you act like yourself in your job assignments doesn’t mean you have to! You can walk into a store and be anybody you want to be. Think up a fun, creative cover story (provided it still sounds reasonable), and you can have fun acting out the new part.  You may find that you have so much fun taking on new roles with mystery shopping that you will want to continue on with this for the rest of the year!

Find A Co-Worker. With most jobs, you can’t bring a friend along with you to work, but the great thing about mystery shopping is that you can. While there are a few assignments that require you to shop alone, most assignments don’t have the requirement. And in fact, some assignments even require you to bring someone along. Whether you bring your sibling, your spouse, or your best friend, you can have fun shopping, dining, or even watching a movie all while making some bucks when you bring one of your favorite people in the world along with you.

A Summer Getaway. In most areas, the summer months are a perfect time to travel. You can use your mystery shopping job to make getting out of town and seeing some of the world a little more affordable. Whether you head to the next town over or you head clear out of the state, you can easily find mystery shopping assignments in most locations. Simply decide where you want to go, and then look for assignments in that location or en route. You can head to the beach, the mountains, the big city, or the countryside and simply pick up a few assignments to complete while you are traveling.

The summer months are the perfect time to add some sizzle to your mystery shopping job. Take advantage of some of these ideas for some fun times mystery shopping!