Add Some Pizzazz To Your Mystery Shopping Assignments

At the beginning of your career as a mystery shopping, you likely thought mystery shopping was an incredibly exciting job. Each assignment seemed different, and you never had to be stuck behind a desk all day. Even long-time mystery shoppers will agree that the variety in assignments is part of what keeps them working in the job day in and day out. Yet even with the change of scenery that new mystery shopping assignments provide, after awhile all of the stores and restaurants start to blur together and the reporting questions all start to sound the same. If you’re at this point with your mystery shopping, it may be time to add some pizzazz to your assignments.

A Change Of Pace. Mystery shoppers often look for the same types of assignments they’ve always done when they peruse the job boards. They often will try to do assignments they did several months ago, or try to pick up assignments at similar stores or restaurants. While this may be the relatively safe way to go about mystery shopping, it can also lead to the mystery shopping doldrums. The next time you look at the job boards, read through each assignment and choose a few that are so far beyond the type of assignment you normally do. Trying something new will not only add some excitement to your job, but the new experience will also make you a better mystery shopper.

Shop With A Friend. Or your spouse, kids, or anyone else who wants to tag along. When you bring a buddy along with you on your mystery shopping assignments, you will have someone to talk to while you go about fulfilling the assignment requirements. Plus, bringing someone along with you who is unfamiliar with mystery shopping will allow you to once again see mystery shopping through fresh eyes, and it may just remind you how unique and exciting the job is! Many people are often very curious about mystery shopping, so chances are that you will find many volunteers who are happy to tag along and watch you in action.

Get Out Of Town. Mystery shopping assignments at hotels and cruise ships are few and far between. But even if you can’t land a top gig like those coveted assignments, you can easily pick up a few restaurants, entertainment venues, and retail shop assignments in another city. You may have to spring for the hotel, but you can definitely add some new vigor and excitement to your mystery shopping job by shopping in a whole new city. Make sure to write off your business expenses while you are traveling, and don’t forget to leave yourself some free time to do some sightseeing while you are onĀ  your getaway.

As with many things in life, mystery shopping can become a bit dull if you don’t spice things up every now and then. If you are suffering from the mystery shopping doldrums, take these tips to heart and add some pizzazz to your mystery shopping job!