4 Ways You Can Be A Better Mystery Shopper

On the surface, mystery shopping may seem like a fairly cut and dry job. You read the requirements, do the shop, fill out the report, and you’re done. There may not seem like much room to find ways to be a better shopper. However, there are some things every mystery shopper can do to make the most of their job as a mystery shopper.

Double Check The Requirements. Most shoppers lead fairly hectic lives. Mystery shopping, by its characteristics of having a flexible schedule and adjustable workload, draws people to it that are very busy – such as college students, stay-at-home moms, and full-time employees looking to make some extra cash. It is a standard requirement to read through the shop requirements once before you perform the shop. However, with so many things that could be distracting you while you are reading, such as kids or spouses speaking to you, a phone ringing, or the stresses of your 9-5 job, it may be advisable to read through those shop requirements a second time. Find a calm, quiet area where you can enjoy a few minutes without interruption to make sure you give the shop requirements the attention they deserve.

Avoid Double-Booking. It may seem like a fairly standard concept to pass on shops on days or times when you already have other engagements. However, even the best shoppers can slip up and forget about a prior obligation. When you have to cancel a shop, it puts your scheduler in a bind, and at the same time may put another shopper who picks up that shop in a time crunch to get the shop completed on time. Before you accept an assignment, simply double check your calendar and make sure you not only have time to do the shop, but that you also have time to complete the report.

Help Out With An Extra Shop. If you’ve been shopping for even a few months, chances are you have had a scheduler call you or email you directly requesting help with a shop they are having trouble filling. When you help out by taking one of these shops, you not only help your scheduler, but you help yourself, too. You will establish a better relationship with your scheduler, which in turn will lead to more and better shops for you in the future.

Review Your Report. You can save your scheduler and yourself some time simply by reviewing your report before you submit it. Make sure you have answered all of the questions clearly, addressing the exact question that was asked. Ensure that your grammar and spelling are correct, and that all of the information you’ve entered is accurate. This will save you and your scheduler both from having to correct mistakes on your report later.

You can improve your skills and performance as a mystery shopper simply by putting some more time and effort into it – before, during, and after the shop. Try these tips on your next few shops and enjoy the results!