3 Ways You Can Improve Your Mystery Shopping Skills Now

There are some mystery shoppers who want to do just the bare minimum in their assignments to get by. They don’t want to skimp on providing quality details and completing the assignment requirements, but they don’t want to make an effort to become a better mystery shopper either. There are other mystery shoppers, though, who really do want to take their job as a mystery shopper to the next level. The truth is that when you make an effort to really go above and beyond as a mystery shopper, your efforts will be noticed and they often will be rewarded by providers offering you more lucrative assignments and hand-selecting you for different assignments.

So how can you improve your skills as a mystery shopper? Here are a few tips:

  • Are You Being Flagged? Most mystery shoppers will get a report bounced back to them every now and then, but the fact is that if your reports are being flagged more than once every few months (assuming you do a lot of mystery shopping assignments regularly), then you probably want to take a look at what is going on. Most mystery shoppers can do dozens of assignments without having report get bounced back, so you will want to see if you can spot a trend that might indicate a certain area you need to improve in.

  • Are You Helpful? Mystery shoppers can create a good name for themselves with providers, or they can be virtually anonymous to them. If you do your assignments, turn in the reports, and collect your paycheck, then sure you are a good mystery shopper. However, you likely aren’t getting noticed like you may want to be noticed. Take time to go the extra mile from time to time and help a provider out. When you get that phone call or email saying that an assignment urgently needs to be done, really take the time to see if you can do it. It may not be the most convenient or lucrative assignment to do, but if you do several of these for a provider, you will surely get that kind of positive attention and recognition you want.

  • Are You Efficient? Now, not every mystery shopper has the time in their busy schedule to tackle ten or even five assignments a day. Some cannot even do this many assignments in a week. However, you may find that may tweaking the way you work and the assignments you work on just a little bit, you may just be able to improve your efficiency and find time to get more assignments completed regularly. Mystery shopping is all about making money, and working on your efficiency is a great way to earn more money. Consider how things like organizing your home work area, picking assignments that are close together in your local area, and completing all of your reports for the day at once can help you find more time in the day. These are just a few of the ways you can become more efficient, and you will want to analyze your own work habits to see where your biggest time drains are.

These are some hot tips that really help you to improve your skills which can help you to make more money and get recognized by your provider for your efforts!