3 Skills to Work on To Boost Your Mystery Shopping Income

When you consider different steps that you can take to boost your mystery shopping income right away, some obvious ideas may come to mind. For example, you could certainly spend more time each day working on mystery shopping assignments, or you could make the decision to only work on assignments that offer above a certain level of compensation. While these are some options to consider, another idea is to improve your efforts as a mystery shopper. You may be aware that you rely on various skills to complete your assignments, and refining some specific skills may prove to be highly beneficial to your income.

Writing Skills

Your writing skills come into play with each and every assignment that you complete. Until you are allowed to “phone in” your responses to mystery shopping reports, which likely will never happen, writing reports will continue to be a part of every assignment that you complete. For some mystery shoppers, they simply sit in front of the computer, type out their reports quickly and with minimal editing, and submit the report. They may such masters are report-writing that revision requests rarely come their way. Other mystery shoppers, however, may struggle to find the right words to say in their reports, and they regularly have to deal with time-consuming revision requests. The fact is that if you fall into the latter group, simply refining your writing skills may free up a considerable amount of time in your week. You can use this newly found free time to pick up a few extra assignments, and you can earn more money without having to work longer hours!

Memorization Skills

Memorization skills inevitably come into play with mystery shopping assignments too. How often do you find yourself dumbfounded by the questions on your report questionnaires simply because you cannot remember specific details of your site visit? This time when you spend racking your brain is wasted time, and improving your memory is a great way to save time and ultimately boost income. There are various memorization strategies and games that you can learn how to include in your site visits, but you also may resort to good, old-fashioning note taking. Whether jotting notes on a mock shopping list to be discreet or keeping tabs of specific details by tapping away on your smartphone, there are many ways that you can take notes without letting store staff know what you are doing.

Time Management Skills

Finally, time management skills are critical to your efficiency on the job. There are so many facets of time management that mystery shoppers must deal with. For example, how much time you spend searching job boards for assignments, how far you travel on your assignments, how many assignments you complete at a time while away from the house and how quickly you prepare your reports are all factors that can be affected by your time management. Take time to consider which areas of your job are most time-consuming, and brainstorm ways that you can improve those areas.

By taking time to improve these skills today, you may find that you spend less time on each assignment and have more time to work on additional assignments!