3 Reasons Why You Should Branch Out And Try A New Kind Of Shop

As with many things in life, mystery shoppers often get into a comfortable groove with their shop assignments. They find a few providers they like to work with, that typically have generally the same type of shop assignments for usually the same group of retailers, restaurants, and so forth. When you walk through the same type of shop time after time, you may start to skim over some of the details and become a less effective and thorough shopper.

And as with many things in life, there is a time to branch out and grow from new experiences. Mystery shopping is no exception. There are several reasons why you should break out of the cocoon you have put yourself into:

Money Talks! The main reason most mystery shoppers spend their free time working on shop assignments is to earn more money. Perhaps it is to pay the bills, or perhaps it is to fund that shopaholic impulse you have, but it all boils down to the fact that you want more money in your pocket.

If you do roughly the same shops for the same providers, you likely have roughly the same paycheck from month to month. As a mystery shopper, you have the ability to control your own paycheck. Take on a new type of shop assignment for your providers, or sign up with a new provider or two to get some fresh shop assignments to choose from. Rediscover the reason you became a mystery shopper in the first place – to earn more money!

Experience Matters! As you get more experience and improve your shopper rating with your providers, more and better shop assignments will open up to you. You will get higher priority over other shoppers for the best assignments. Your schedulers may even call you and request you do a shop before they make the shop available to other shoppers.

Your experience as a mystery shopper is one of the most important credentials you have. So take some time and try a couple of new types of shops to show your schedulers that you are a well-rounded and seasoned shopper.

Lose the Doldrums! When you perform the same type of shop assignments for the same companies, the shop requirements start to look the same. After you read the requirements a few times and do the same shop a couple of times, you may think you know the drill and don’t need to pay as close attention to the details. The fact is, when you do the same thing over and over again, you may start to lose your edge.

When you change up your routine a bit and try a couple of new types of shops, you will be back on your toes and will be a better, more diligent mystery shopper.

So spice up your mystery shopping life and try something new and exciting! You will be a better, more profitable shopper for it.