3 Mystery Shopping Skills to Improve Today

Mystery shopping is a unique job in many regards. There are few jobs that you can work at where you can control your workload, your work hours and even which companies you work for. When you top those benefits off with the fact that you can also get started working in the job without a job interview and with minimal or even no skills required, you can see that this is a job that is right for many people. However, just because mystery shopping providers don’t require you to prove your skills before allowing you to work on a few assignments doesn’t mean that some skills are not beneficial to have. In fact, when you make an effort to improve some specific skills today, you may find that you are a more productive and profitable mystery shopper.

Time Management

Your ability to manage your time is important in many jobs, but when you work on your own and control your own schedule as a mystery shopper, this skill is imperative. Time management involves determining how much time you will spend on a specific task and making every effort to accomplish the task within the time period that you have allotted. Often, factors like minimizing distractions and not over-committing yourself when making your schedule can help you to better manage your time.

Attention to Detail

Your attention to detail on the job is also important as a mystery shopper. Of course, there are numerous details that you will need to commit to memory while conducting a site visit, and you will need to recall those details when you are writing your report. In addition, you have to remember what it is that you are supposed to remember at your site visits. Finding secretive ways to jot down notes is a great fallback option to consider, but you will save more time if you find a way to commit items to memory and pay attention to detail. Then, you won’t have to spend time jotting down notes or referring back to them.


A final skill that you may consider improving is your ability to multi-task on site visits and throughout the day. Multi-tasking was a hot buzzword for many years, and then it became almost taboo. Many people started to ask if it was really better to divide your attention between ten different things rather than focus on one. However, as a mystery shopper, you inevitably will need to focus on the task at hand, but you will also need to multi-task throughout the day to ensure that complete all of your assignments correctly. Determining when to multi-task and improving your skills in this area can be beneficial.

When you make an effort to become a better mystery shopper by improving your skills in these areas, you may be able improve the speed with which you complete your assignments, improve your shopper rating and even improve your income. Take time to consider how you can improve these three important mystery shopping skills today.