3 Easy Ways Mystery Shoppers Can Make More Money Next Week

Whether you work on mystery shopping assignments as a way to earn some extra money on the side or you are trying to earn a full-time living through your assignments, you no doubt are wondering what steps you can take to earn more money. The mystery shopping forum online is filled with mystery shoppers who talk about making an enviable amount of money through their assignments every week or month. You, however, may be beating your head against the while trying to figure out how other mystery shoppers are able to earn so much money. The fact is that you may be able to boost your income rather quickly by following three easy steps.

Work With More Providers

If you are not happy with how much money you are earning as a mystery shopper, the most important step that you can take is to sign up to work with other mystery shopping providers. Some mystery shoppers are earning less than they could because they are working the wrong providers. Different providers do offer different levels of compensation, so making an upgrade may be beneficial to you. In addition to providing you with access to higher paying assignments, it could also provide you with access to more assignments to choose from.

Be Selective

Unless you have an endless amount of time to work on mystery shopping assignments, you need to strive to be more selective about the assignments that you work on. You only have a limited amount of time to work each day, so you want to choose the assignments that enable to you make the most money. This boils down to choosing assignments that pay more for less time and effort. Keep in mind that the time component of each assignment is based on travel time to and from the location, the amount of time you spend at the site visit and the time it takes to complete the report. As you review assignment requirements before picking up a new job, consider how much time each of these components will take. Then, compare the time and compensation for that assignment against others that you could be working on that same day and time.

Work A Little Longer

The above steps can indeed help you to make more money by simply working smarter. However, one of the great things about mystery shopping is that if you want more money, you can always work on more assignments. You are under no obligation to continue to keep working at a certain pace, so if you need a little extra money for an upcoming vacation or a big purchase that you need to make, you can work longer this week or for however long you need to. Then, you can decrease your hours again when you are ready.

Making extra money as a mystery shopper can seem challenging, but you can see that it really is quite easy. If you are willing to put in the effort to follow these steps, you could start making extra money very quickly.