3 Easy Steps to Finding the Top Mystery Shopping Assignments

If you visit the mystery shopping online forums from time to time, you may have read posts from other mystery shoppers that talk about assignments that pay $50, $75 or more. Such high-paying assignments may sound fabulous to you, but despite your best efforts to find these high-paying assignments, you may be struggling to find assignments that pay more than $15 or $20 for your time and effort. If you are interested in finding the top paying assignments, consider following these three easy steps.


1. Find the Top-Paying Providers
The fact is that not every mystery shopping provide will pay you top dollar for your time and effort. Some providers are notorious for low-balling their mystery shoppers while others may offer a great mix of reasonable compensation and even lucrative compensation. Who you choose to work with for your assignments does affect your paycheck. If you are interested in discovering which providers may pay the most on assignments in your area, you can read through posts on the mystery shopping online forum for more information.


2. Boost Your Shopping Rating

While simply working for the top-paying mystery shopping providers can help you to more easily find the highest paying assignments, most providers will withhold those assignments from mystery shoppers with a lower shopper rating. If you have a lower shopper rating, there is a chance that you may never see those higher paying assignments. With this in mind, you should make a concerted effort to boost your rating. By working hard to get the highest rating possible on each of your assignments, you will see your shopper rating increase over time. As this happens, you may find that more lucrative assignments are offered to you.


3. Search the Job Boards Often
As you might imagine, no mystery shopper is going to pass up on the opportunity to earn $75 on an assignment to take a $15 assignment that requires roughly the same time and effort to complete. This means that the first mystery shopper who sees a high paying assignment on the job boards is likely to snatch the assignment up quickly. Higher paying assignments may be difficult for you to find because they are not posted on the job boards for a long period of time. If you are serious about finding the best assignments possible, you will want to search the job boards often. This may mean searching the job boards several times per day and turning on the automated email alerts feature that many mystery shopping providers offer.


It can seem difficult or even impossible for some mystery shopping providers to find higher paying assignments. The fact is that if you are not seeing these assignments, you may be looking for them with the wrong providers, or you may not see them because your shopper rating is low. Even with a high shopper rating and when you are working with the right providers, you may not see the higher paying assignments if you don’t review the job boards frequently. By keeping these factors in mind, you may more easily be able to locate the profitable assignments you really want to work on.